3rd Bridge to Make This Region Thrive

Beykoz will rise in value even more with the completion and putting into service of the 3rd bridge and the Üsküdar – Beykoz metro line starting to run.

Beykoz, which has been one of the ideal regions for branded residential property projects for almost 10 years, will rise in value even more together with the completion of the new projects.

The region will see a serious increase in value when the construction of the Üsküdar – Beykoz metro begins. Smart investors have already began searching for land.

beykoz on map

How much is the square meter unit price?

Square meter prices unit in Beykoz, the elite district of the Anatolian side, are in a very wide range. Prices vary from 2900 Liras to 27 thousand Liras. It can be seen that the square meter unit price is higher in villa type properties. It is foreseen that the prices will rise by much more following the projects, which are being awaited.

The Üsküdar – Beykoz metro line, which will be put into service after 2019, will reduce transport times considerably. This metro, which will ensure transport between the two districts in around 20 minutes, is making the region an attractive point for investment.

Quite a large number of investors have already begun to pick up the land in the region, in the last few years. However, the estates are an exhaustible resource, and when they do run out, new resources can still be created in the region, by renewing the old buildings through urban transformation.

Beykoz is an elite district, which appeals to the higher income group. Villa type properties are the norm in the region. Therefore, the square meter unit prices in the region go up to 27 thousand Liras. As the properties in the region are generally villas, each unit also has its own private social amenities. Most of the properties in the region have their own swimming pools and areas set aside for sports, such as walking tracks, tennis courts, football pitches and basketball courts.

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Despite the fact that there are numerous brands in Beykoz, it is notable that the number of projects, which are being newly released for sale, or getting ready for completion, is quite low. It is expected that these figures will rise and new investment points will be able to emerge with the increase in the purchases of new land.

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