Emlak Konut REIT Early Payment Discount

2018 details of Emlak Konut REIT (government company) early payment discount launched for the second time this year.

Applications for the campaign will continue until December 7, 2018. People who are currently holding apartments and debt from Emlak Konut will be able to benefit from early payment discount opportunities.

Applications for the campaign, which covers a total of 65 projects in different provinces, are made from Emlak Konut REIT website.

In the event that the entire debt will be closed, a reduction of 35 percent will be applied.

In the case of payment of 75 percent of the debt, 26.5 percent,

payment of 50 percent of the dept, 17.50 percent,

payment of 25 percent of the dept, 7.75 percent discount will be applied.

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