Kuzey Yakası, the New District of Istanbul

Kuzey Yakası project is being developed by Emlak Konut GYO (REIT) in the new developing area of ​​Istanbul

emlak konut kuzey yakası general view


Kuzey Yakası Project will transform the Başakşehir district into a new attraction center with its world-class housing projects, metro lines, integrated transport networks, social and cultural areas, shopping centers, schools, sports fields, hotels, zoo and city park where we used to see in the metropolises of the world

The project will consists of 10 blocks. 7 blocks of trade and office areas, the remaining 2 blocks of hotels and congress center, 1 block will be a sports facility within the gym and indoor swimming pool.

There will be 209,000 m2 Green Area, 11,617m Pedestrian Road, Seating Areas, Sports Areas, Pond, Activity Areas and Bicycle Paths within the project.

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