Mahall Bomonti Izmir by Türkerler


A brand new life, business, culture, arts and entertainment center, at international standards, is rising in Izmir.

Mahall Bomonti Izmir. The mixed use project, which is comprised of comfortable luxury residences, office floors at international standards, a shopping street, and stylish restaurants and cafeteria, will be presenting many first altogether, with its authentic concept in Izmir. Mahall Bomonti Izmir has been designed as the project with the highest level of quality of life, design perception, construction technology and safety, of the city.

Kazım Türker, the Chairman of the Board of Directors of Türkerler Holding, which is carrying its almost half a century worth of deep rooted experience to Izmir, said,

We have a special connection with Izmir. For years we have been carrying out large projects for this city, in the infrastructure, energy and health sectors. We are crowning this strong connection with our new project.

Izmir, which is one of the most beautiful cities of Turkey, with its historic and natural charms, its bay, industry and people, is attaining its new center of attraction. Türkerler Holding, which has been serving Izmir in the fields of infrastructure, energy and health for years, has now moved into action in order to present the life, business and shopping locations where everyone wants to be.

mahall bomonti izmir

Mahall Bomonti Izmir will be a life, business, culture, arts and entertainment center, which will carry all of the splendor of the Gulf to your homes and offices, in the middle of Konak, Alsancak and Karşıyaka. The project, which is to be developed at the center of the triangle comprised of Alsancak Square, the old Alsancak Stadium and Alsancak Harbor, will change the atmosphere of the business world and social life in Izmir, with its comfortable luxury residences, office floors, shopping street and stylish restaurants and cafeteria, all at international standards.

Mahall Bomonti Izmir will on the one hand offer a taste of history, with the buildings which are to be restored and integrated in the project, while on the other hand presenting the comfort of modern living, with its design, which has been developed by utilizing the latest technology. Mahall Bomonti Izmir will bind its residents to a pleasure filled life, without the need for any other location, with its outlets, cafeteria, restaurants and museum, all nested within history.

The project is comprised of a total of 12 blocks – one of which is a 58-storey block and 9 of which are historic. There will be a total of 466 residential properties, 590 offices and 90 commercial units. The project will offer extensive alternatives from studios to 3 bedroom apartments. The studio apartments will be delivered fully furnished and with the hotel concept.


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