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Now Bomonti project, which carries the signature of Now Real Estate, is rising as a single 15 storey block with the priority of being in harmony with the environment and fabric. The residential project is also offering very inviting investment opportunities with square meter sales prices starting from just 3.500 dollars …

Now Bomonti, which will make its mark with numerous innovations through its features, is opening the door to a new and choice lifestyle with the design of Tabanlıoğlu Architects, the leading office of Turkish architecture.

Now Bomonti: Istanbul’s modern, select and renewed region

Now Bomonti projectThe region of Bomonti, in Şişli (pronounced like Shisli), took its name from the first Ottoman beer production workshop, established by the Swiss brothers Walter and Adolf Bomonti, at the start of the 20th century, and is today being restructured in a manner which befits the infrastructure which carries its cosmopolitan character. During this process, with the template lifestyle model becoming more widespread, Bomonti is inviting the young, working, and socially and culturally active population of the city to become “Residents of Bomonti”. As well as being easy to reach with a wide variety of transport alternatives and all types of links, its atmosphere of being distant from the noise of the city, its calm and peaceful demographics, and its tree lined roads – despite the fact that it is right in the center of the city – place it among the select regions of Istanbul.

In the improved and renewed Bomonti, a new value is rising which will possess the flexibility to bring together those living and working in the building with the habitual visitors of the region with its extrovert manner: Now Bomonti.

Two exclusive signatures have come together at Now Bomonti

Ali Başyazıcıoğlu Holding, a 60 year old company from Kayseri, which has become the symbol of quality production in many different areas from organic farming to tourism, is transporting its 30 years’ worth of experience and knowledge in the construction sector, under the umbrella of Now Real Estate, to Istanbul with the Now Bomonti project.

Now Bomonti project, which has taken shape with the authentic design of Tabanlıoğlu Architects, who have won many prestigious awards for Turkish architecture in the international arena, is leading the way in respect of the development of the region, and offering effective areas of use and attractive investment opportunities.

A real estate project which is in harmony with the environment and fabric to lead the way.

Now Bomonti projectNow Bomonti project, which will possess 15 storeys, in harmony with the height, types of structure and topography in the surrounding areas, is being created by placing similar compartments on top of each other. Now Bomonti offers advantages of effective use, with flexibility in plans, and alternative ceiling heights and square meter sizes. From the entrance level there will be two lower ground floors housing stores and common areas, as well as a further seven level car park, providing indoor parking and storage areas to all of its users.

Bomonti was obtained from the plinth of the French Old People’s Home next door, through the proclivity arising from the topography, and the level of the wall surrounding the neighboring old people’s home, which is a 19th century structure, became a reference point for the first layer. On the next level, which was envisaged as an office zone, concord with the height of the buildings in the surrounding area was adhered to. In the top section, determined as a residential zone, the view of the city obtains more and more the higher the building rises, which was a determining factor in the fundamental planning of the structure.

Now Bomonti project is being developed on an estate which is around 5 thousand square meters in size, with offices on the first 8 levels, and residential apartments on levels 9 to 15. There is a clear distinction between the places of work and homes due to the different lobby entrance areas of the residences and offices. The Now Bomonti project possesses a modular architecture where it will be possible to design residences and offices from 60 to 2.000 square meters and will consist of close to 200 units. It offers ideal solutions with its location and office and residential alternatives starting from studio types, as well as being an advantageous investment. Furthermore, Now Bomonti is distinctive from the other property projects in the surrounding area due to the private terraces which have been designed especially based on the level and location, and which are available in all of the apartments.

The residences have been planned with the different alternatives of nine basic apartment types, and designed with a flexible approach according to the needs of the user, and offer a young and independent residence concept. The spaces and infrastructure at Now Bomonti are resolved to modern standards in order to provide city living which is efficient, practical for acting quickly and smoothly, and peaceful.

Now Bomonti | Not just an office and a home, but a social lifestyle

Now Bomonti projectWhile the transparent glass aspects at Now Bomonti, which are preferred for the purposes of ensuring that the inner areas benefit from daylight and the unique view in the best possible way, emphasize the internal – external transitivity and integration, they also ofter the environmental impact of the structure due their transparency. The fritted surfaces which are applied based on the location of the sun, together with the mezzanine terraces and balconies, provide a dynamic and elegant aspect making the project distinctive from other real estate projects with this feature.

New Bomonti project, which has not only been planned as a residential and office block, but also as a top level social area at the same time, offers its users a way of life. The main entrance is through a lobby, which forms the first ‘Meeting point’ of the building. As well as areas which will assist in meeting others and developing an identity for the project such as the common meeting rooms, music rehearsal and recording room and film room, which have all been set aside for users of the building, the property project has also been enriched with shared and authentic locations such as gourmet outlets, cafeteria, restaurants and a bookstore, which surround the building at ground level, and which are planned to provide service through the night. With this social aspect, Now Bomonti is preparing to become the most important center of attraction in its region.

The property project, which will make a contribution to the architectural repertoire by establishing a positive example for the aesthetic and healthy development of the region, will determine the line of development for the region, and provide a reference for those who want to live in the reborn Bomonti.

Central location, modern lifestyle, attractive investment opportunities

Now Bomonti project, which is within walking distance to Taksim, Şişli and the metro, and just a few hundred meters to the tunnels which provide access to the Boğaziçi (Bosphorus) and Fatih Sultan Mehmet bridges, offers modern opportunities at the center of the business and social life of Istanbul. Now Bomonti project is scheduled to be completed in the third quarter of 2015, and offers very inviting investment opportunities starting at sales prices from 3.500 dollars per square meter, together with its privileged location, and unique work and living opportunities.

The lifestyle offered by the Now Bomonti project is emphasized with the slogan, “Here, the time is whatever time you want it to be”.