Property Prices Soar with Metro Lines

Property prices in some of the districts on the Anatolian side of Istanbul continue to rise together with the metro projects.

With the 3rd Bridge which is to be brought to life in order to facilitate easier transport access and the Istanbul International Finance Center being built in Ataşehir, rents on the Anatolian side have reached levels of 2 and 3 times above those in previous years. The metro projects in particular have caused the prices of commercial real estate and properties to jump in the districts on their route.

istanbul metro lines map

Here are a few of those districts


The Kadıköy – Kartal metro, which went into service in 2012, continues to increase property prices in Kartal. The square meter prices of the properties in the region were around 1500 Liras in 2011, but have reached 13 thousand Liras today, in 2016.


One of the regions which has benefited most from the Üsküdar  – Çekmeköy metro is Üsküdar. The square meter prices of the properties for sale in the region were around 2 thousand Liras in 2014, but today it is possible to see luxury residential properties at around 20 thousand Liras per square meter in the region.


Sancaktepe comes at the top of the regions where prices have risen as a result of the Üsküdar – Çekmeköy metro, the construction of which is continuing. Home prices, which were at 1500 – 2000 Liras per square meter in the region, have risen to around 4 thousand Liras with the metro.


While there have been increases in the prices of residential properties in Tuzla following the start of the work on the metro, land prices have also risen significantly with the Northern Marmara Highway. The square meter prices of the property projects in the region were between 1250 – 2 thousand 500 Liras in 2013, but have reached 3 thousand 200 – 4 thousand Liras today.


It was possible to buy a home at a price of 2 thousand 500 Liras per square meter in Çekmeköy, in 2012. Today prices have risen to 3 thousand Liras per square meter. This increase is expected to continue following the opening of the Üsküdar – Çekmeköy metro.

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