Public Announcement by Dumankaya Construction

It has been seen that there are concerns among the public as to whether the decision made as a result of the news concerning the “Seizing” of assets, which was published in the press in recent days, covers commercial activities of the Dumankaya Group.

An application has been made to the Istanbul Anatolia Chief Public Prosecutor’s Office in order for this matter to be clarified, and it has been clearly stated in the decision taken as a result of our application that the assets of the Dumankaya Group of Companies have not been seized.

Therefore, it has also become clear that there are no court or prosecutor’s office rulings which will prevent or restrict the commercial activities of the Dumankaya Group, in any way.

As an organization which has completed the sale of 2915 apartments in 2015, and which has made thousands of families homeowners since the day we were established, our projects have not come to a halt, the work at all of our building sites continues at full speed and the Members of our Board of Directors are physically in charge of our companies and continue their work in person. While the work on our existing projects continue, we are also carrying on with the preparations for our new projects, and these projects will also be commenced in the very near future.

Yours sincerely,

Dumankaya Construction

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