Tema Istanbul | 1000 Residential Units Sold in 7 Days

Tema Istanbul, one of the largest property development projects in Turkey, has been released for preliminary sales. During these preliminary sales, 1.000 residential units have found buyers in 7 days.

Tema Istanbul, which is being developed with a 2 billion dollar investment on 1,5 million square meters of land in the Atakent region on the European side of Istanbul, by the joint venture between Mesa, Artaş, Öztaş and Kantur – Akdaş, will comprise 3.614 residential units, as well as a number of different functions such as the biggest entertainment theme park in Turkey, commercial areas, hotels, and a residential area.

Tema Istanbul projectTema Istanbul, which is the largest blended property development project in Turkey, was presented in a meeting held on Wednesday 03 July 2013, in which Erhan Boysanoğlu, the Chairman of the Board of Directors of Mesa, Süleyman Çetinsaya, the Chairman of the Board of Directors of Artaş, Ali Kantur, the Chairman of the Board of Directors of Kantur & Akdaş, Mesut Arslan, the Managing Director of Tema Istanbul, Murat Kader from the architectural group 2DG, who have designed and prepared the residential project, Joravision from Holland, who are the designers of the theme park area, and the American architectural group Gensler, who have prepared the master plan of the whole property project.

Tema Istanbul, which is being developed by the Joint Venture Group of Mesa, Artaş, Öztaş and Kantur – Akdaş, comes to the fore as a property project which is making a name for itself due to its size, the different functions it consists of, its investment amount and its strong partnership structure.

Tema Istanbul presents a brand new lifestyle with the 3.614 homes, the largest entertainment theme park in Turkey, the commercial areas, hotels, residences, social areas, meeting areas and activity areas which are on 1,5 million square meters of land bringing together life and entertainment.

The residential area of Tema Istanbul will by itself house approximately 11 – 12 thousand people, while it is expected that the whole area will house and employ 16 thousand people. The primary objective at Tema Istanbul, which has been planned with extreme detail within the framework of the urban design plan together with all of the principles of urbanization, is to make life easier.

35 – 40 per cent increase in value targeted by completion at Tema Istanbul

The investment in the apartments at Tema Istanbul, which will be completed within 24 months, will reach 600 million dollars. The real estate project has received a high amount of interest in the preliminary sales period, with contracts signed for the sale of 1.000 properties in 7 days.

Average square meter price at Tema Istanbul is 3.400 TL

The apartments in the residential area are of 1, 2, 3 and 4 bed alternatives, with the low-rise blocks ranging from 3 – 12 floors, and high-rise blocks ranging from 18 – 30 floors. The property project has also taken social facilities into consideration with five outdoor and one indoor swimming pools, a fitness center, indoor and outdoor sports and activity areas, a multi-sports pitch and tennis courts. Tema Istanbul also possesses an indoor car park with close to 6.000 parking spaces and an outdoor car park with close to 650 parking spaces. The residential area is established on a total area of around 330 thousand square meters.

Tema World | The biggest entertainment theme park in Turkey to host 3 million visitors every year

Tema World projectTema Istanbul aims to be a profitable project with the powerful structure of its partners while at the same time, an entertainment theme park is being planned with an investment of 400 million dollars.

Tema World will be the first entertainment theme park in Turkey in the real sense of the word – far beyond the rationale of a standard fairground. It will be built on an area of 400 thousand square meters in size. Tema World, which will be a first with its fantastic stories, its varied and colorful themes, its heroes and activities which bring together fantasy and reality, is aiming to play host to an average of 3 million visitors every year.

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