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0% Rate of Interest at 35. Sokak

35. Sokak
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The campaign with 0% interest rate for flats in the second lap of 35. Sokak in İzmir, the largest steel real estate project of Turkey, is to continue till the year-end upon the received interest.

35. Sokak

Those who would like to own a flat at 35. Sokak will be able to benefit from 3 different payment options at 0% rate of interest and terms of up to 120.

Future owners of flats at 35. Sokak, the favourite and first green project of İzmir with its special street concept and gardened houses, will be able to make their payments at a 0% rate of interest in 24 months with a special launch discount of 10% and they will also be able to pay it at 0% rate of interest in 60 months or at 0.45% rate of interest in 120 months.

In the second lap where the surface areas range between 81 m² to 272 m², there are 6 types of flats on offer being 1+1 flats with gardens, 2+1 duplex houses with gardens, 3+1 duplex houses with balconies, blocks of 3+1 duplex houses with balconies, 3+1 duplex houses with gardens and 4+1 houses with porches.

35. Sokak is Preferred by Families with Children

35. Sokak is a place where children can safely play in the streets with their friends and it has received great interest from especially families with children since the day when it was launched for sale. 35. Sokak, where houses with gardens are dotted along a single street that is 2 km long, will revive the traditional street culture and the forgotten neighbourhood relations.

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