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13 Projects in Izmir by Folkart

13 Projects in Izmir by Folkart
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Folkart continues its production with its headquarters in İzmir, carrying out 13 projects.

mesut sancakFolkart Chairman Mesut Sancak, said that the total investment value of these 13 projects is 4 billion 359 million liras.

Sancak, regarding the intense interest in İzmir said, “İzmir is the closest city and closest to Istanbul. With the completion of Istanbul-Izmir Highway, Istanbul-Izmir travel by car will drop to 3 hours. Istanbul will start moving to Izmir.”

İzmir will become much more attractive when projects such as highways under construction are completed. We as Folkart believe that İzmir has a great potential and future. With our innovative construction projects, we are in fact a very good example for all investors in Izmir. We are activating all the subsidiary sectors connected with us in the field of construction. Thus, we are making a significant contribution to the Izmir city economy with our investments.

Istanbulites to frequent Izmir

Mesut Sancak added that the Istanbul-İzmir Highway will make Çeşme more interesting and that this interest will multiply with the boutique airport project in Çeşme. Sancak said,

cesme izmir turkey

When you think of all these together, Çeşme will become one of the holiday resorts of Istanbul. Çeşme and İzmir will see intense demand and mobility will begin. Investing companies from Istanbul is a significant contribution to the city. With our projects, we started a very positive race in the city based on the competition. This is a very good race. Many cities in the world, for example Dubai, have always reached the present day, with a race to make it more beautiful.

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