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143 Million Real Estate Certificates Sold

143 Million Real Estate Certificates Sold
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The results of public offering of real estate certificate to be implemented in Makro Construction’s Park Mavera 3 project were announced under the leadership of Prime Ministry Housing Development Administration (TOKİ).

Individual investors are majority

In the announcement, it is stated that the real estate certificate public offering made by the method of collecting the fixed price of Park Mavera 3 project on March 29-31, 3 million 370 thousand 410 real estate certificates, each of which is 42,50 liras, were sold with a total of 143,242,425 liras. It was reported that 1 million 775 thousand 842 certificates (52.7 percent) were sold to domestic individual investors and 1 million 594 thousand 568 certificates (47.3 percent) to domestic institutional investors.

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