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15 Tenders for Turkish Companies in Russia

15 Tenders for Turkish Companies in Russia
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The process of normalization between Turkey and Russia has started quickly. While the construction projects are taken back off the shelf, a part of the Russian tour operators are selling package holidays in Turkey. On the other hand, the first orders have been placed in the cement sector. The organizations of the business world have begun to put visits to Russia at the top of their diaries. Exporter unions connected to the Machinery Presentation Group, TÜGIAD, TUGİK and TİM will be going to Russia in delegations. Representatives of the NGOs are emphasizing that these visits will increase, in particular following the lifting of the visa requirements.

The sector which has moved the quickest of all in the process of normalization between the two countries is construction. Turkish construction companies have made contact with their former partners in Russia. Despite the fact that the restriction on tenders has yet to be officially lifted, Turkish companies have started to receive invitations to tender via local administrations.

Approval for 15 tenders

Approval was given for Turkish companies to also prepare for around 15 tenders, on the first day after the improvement of relations. Turkish companies will participate in the tenders for a 300 km road construction project in St. Petersburg and the construction of a fertilizer plant in Novosibirsk and an iron and steel factory near Moscow.

The Building Contractors Association of Turkey has stated that the 2018 World Cup in soccer will be held in Russia, and emphasized the potential in this country.

Representatives of the association, who stated that the traffic of discussions had begun, said, “Turkish companies had been selected to ensure that many of the facilities at the 2014 Sochi Winter Olympics were completed on time. The soccer World Cup will be in Russia in 2018. Our companies are already ready to participate in the urban infrastructure and super-structure projects which are to be built within this framework.”

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