18 City Hospitals to be Built by 2017

The number of city hospitals being built with a public – private sector partnership is increasing. With the tender process for 18 hospitals coming to an end, it is expected that city hospitals with a 30 thousand bed capacity will go into service at the end of 2017. There are also plans for a hospital project with a further capacity of 10 thousand beds.

turkey city hospitals

The interest in the PPP (Public Private Partnership) project, which has begun a significant transformation in the health sector, is increasing. The contractors will first build the city hospitals to be established with a public – private partnership, and then will also be responsible for their operation. The Ministry of Health will become the tenant in the hospitals after they have been built, and the company which has constructed the building will receive rent from the public sector. Mehmet Müezzinoğlu, the Deputy Leader of the Justice and Development Party, had stated in his last meeting as the Minister of Health last month that work on the 30 thousand bed capacity hospitals, built with a public private partnership, was ongoing and that hospitals with a further capacity of 10 thousand beds were being planned.

Companies showing interest in hospitals project

Numerous companies such as Rönesans İnşaat, the YDA Group, Türkerler Holding, Akfen, Astaldi and Dia Holding are showing an interest in this model whereby the private sector will hand the hospitals over to the public sector after managing them for 25 years. According to the data of the Ministry of Health, there are 18 hospital projects for which the tender process has been completed, and 5 which are at the contract stage, throughout the country.

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