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35. Street | Springtime Opportunity from Steel Structure Specialist

35. Street Steel
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Akşan Building, the steel structure specialist of Turkey is currently transferring its expertise in this area to properties with the 35. Street project in Izmir and the AnkaNatura project in Ankara. While the spring campaign continues at 35. Street with 1 per cent deposit and 1 per cent VAT, AnkaNatura stands out as the first multi-storey steel housing project in Turkey.

Akşan Building logoAkşan Building was founded in the 1970s, and focused on structural steel systems, moving away from traditional systems, in particular after the 1999 Marmara earthquake. Today, Akşan Building is the steel specialist of Turkey, and the experience it has acquired with the structures it has constructed using only steel in the last 10 years is above 2 million square meters. Akkon, the Steel Structure Systems Production Plant belonging to Akşan Building, which was set up in Çerkezköy in 2002, is the largest producer in Turkey, and in the top three in Europe with a capacity of 35 thousand tonnes of structural steel production. Akşan Building is currently transferring its experience in this area to housing with the 35. Street project in Izmir and the AnkaNatura project in Ankara.

Springtime Opportunity in Izmir

It is exactly the right time to own a house with a garden with the 1 per cent deposit and 1 per cent VAT campaign at the 35. Street project being developed by Akşan Building in Izmir. The keys have already been handed over in the first phase of the project, and life has already started there. There are reasonable prices and payment plans within the second phase of the residential project in Izmir awaiting those who wish to become homeowners. The advantageous spring campaign which offers terms of 1 per cent deposit and 1 per cent VAT to those wishing to own homes with gardens at 35. Street is continuing. Following the 1 per cent deposit interim, payments within the scope of the project can be made in May 2014. The installment payments which start from 1577 TL also draw a very attractive picture. The size of the 35. Street project is 200 million TL, and property prices start from 208 thousand TL.

Akşan Building: Reward Hunter

35. Street Steel35. Street has provided a profit of 37 per cent to its investors in just 2 years. It was also deemed worthy of an award in 3 different categories in the ‘Most Successful Property Investments of Turkey’ contest. 35. Street is the largest steel housing project in Turkey, and in the competition which was held in a total of 12 categories it won first prize in the most successful ‘Branded Property’ category. 35. Street also won second prize in the ‘Green Building’ category , and came third in the most important award category of the ‘Most Successful Property Investments of Turkey’.

Life has Started at 35. Street

Together with the coming of spring, the first phase properties at 35. Street have started to be handed over to their owners. Homeowners who have already moved in will enjoy the delights of the spring and summer in their “Strong as Steel” homes with gardens. 35. Street also possesses the characteristic of being Turkey’s first, and the only project with a BREEAM certificate. Among the aims of the project is to produce 400 thousand kWh of electricity in a year with the solar electricity energy system which is being used for the first time in Turkey, and emit 290 tonnes less carbon. Furthermore, due to the high efficiency heating and cooling system (air sourced heating pump) which is to be used in the homes, it is also planned to save 376 thousand kWh of electricity per annum, and preserve 272 trees.

35. Street | A Perfect Aegean Town

35. StreetEverything sought for a social living experience is being offered in one place at 35. Street, where every detail has been rigorously designed, from large play areas for children to stylish restaurants and cafes, and from organic fruit and vegetable gardens to sports areas. With its 95 decares of green areas, 35. Street enables its residents to enjoy nature to their heart’s content during every moment of their lives. 35. Street, which offers environmentally friendly solutions with its sustainable life concept, also has the following social facilities: 1350 square meter sports center, basketball pitch, tennis court, fitness center, SPA center, Turkish Bath, sauna, walking and cycling tracks, two semi-olympic outdoor swimming pools, two indoor – outdoor semi-olympic swimming pools, crèche, library, street cafes, organic fruit and vegetable gardens, green grocer, private gardens for the residents of 35. Street, supermarket and shops, and 24 hour security.

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