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3rd Airport Tulip Tower

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The concept competition for the air traffic control tower of the third airport in Istanbul has been concluded. Very important names of the world of design such as Zaha Hadid, Moshe Safdie, Grimsaw-Nordic, Massimiliano Fuksas, Pininfarina-Aekom and RMJM Architects took part in the competition with the projects they prepared. The tower inspired by the tulip, designed by AECOM and Pininfarina, won the competition. Pininfarina is known as the company which also designs the models of Ferrari, one of the largest luxury automobile producers in the world.

Tulip has an important place in Turkish culture

Tulip flower
Tulip flower

The design by AECOM and Pininfarina, which is evocative of the aerodynamic shapes used in automotive and aviation designs, comprises an elliptic tower which will be able to be seen by all passengers. Planned to be completed in October 2017, it was designed taking inspiration from the figure of the tulip, which has become the symbol of Istanbul over the years, possessing a cultural importance in Turkish history.

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