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5 New Hotels from Özak GYO

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Özak GYO logoÖzak GYO, which took its first steps into the tourism sector in 2007, in Antalya Belek, with the Ela Resort brand, has developed 5 more new hotel projects. Two of the hotels will be built in Istanbul, one in Izmir, one in Didim and one in Demre, and they will have an average of 300 beds each.

Two Hotels to Open in 2018

Ali Tunç Batum, the General Manager of Ela Quality Resort Hotel, stated that they were planning a mixed project with a large number of shopping centers, luxury residences and hotels in places including Istanbul and Izmir. Batum stated that they were planning to open these two hotels in 2018, and said,

The investment cost is not yet known. It will become clear after the project plans have been completed. Batum, who stated that they were in discussions with international brands for the hotels in both of the cities, said that they would be operating the hotels in Didim and Demre under the Ela brand.

Domestic Market will Grow

Batum, who also assessed the year 2015, stated that their business had fallen by 15 percent when compared to the previous year, due to the effects of the crisis in Russia and the CIS countries. Batum, who stated that occupancy rates during the 2015 summer season had reached an average of 80 percent, said that they were expecting a recovery in this market in 2016. He also emphasized that even if the numbers of tourists who had come from Russia in 2013 were not reached, there would be a maximum reduction of 5 percent from this figure and that they would be increasing the quota for domestic tourists in 2016 in particular. Batum, who underlined that the domestic market was growing at an average rate of 30 percent a year, expressed that they had also increased their marketing activities in the Middle Eastern and African markets, and that this would make an important contribution to the growth of the market.

EXPO 2016 | An Opportunity for ANTALYA

Batum, who stated that the G20 summit, which is to be held in Antalya in November, is also an important opportunity, continued as follows:

We are working to the finest of details for the committees we will be hosting. This will be a marketing activity of immeasurable importance for Antalya. They will be able to see the investments of Turkey in the services sector, on-site. Then there is the Botanic Expo 2016. These projects are great opportunities for Antalya.

Everland Q Children’s Club

Ali Tunç Batum said that Ela Quality Resort was accepted as the leader and pioneering hotel in the family concept, in its region, adding

We provide very special services to groups of children of all ages at the Everland Q children’s club. We make sure that both the children and their parents enjoy their holiday in a comfortable, safe and quality environment. Each of our floors are in different colors, to ensure that the children do not get lost. The symbol of our children’s concept is the bear Teddy, and he is loved so much that children return to our hotel together with their families, just to be able to buy this cute toy. The children can reach Everland Q by following the paw tracks of Teddy. You can monitor what your child is doing at Everland Q from the closed circuit TV system in your room.


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