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7 Districts in Istanbul to be at Utmost Premium

Seven Premium Districts of Istanbul
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Seven Premium Districts of IstanbulIFM Infrastructure Committee singled out Yenibosna Basın Express Highway on the European side and Bağcılar (Güneşli) as potential finance sector areas to stand out among others. It is also stated that finance sector investments have improved in districts such as Altunizade, Kozyatağı, Ümraniye, Kavacık and Kartal on the Asian side.

Here are the 7 finance districts and the residential and office projects that can be invested in these districts in Istanbul.


Yenibosna-Basın Expresss Highway with a reserve of 410 thousand square meter A Class office space is still in need of several numerous offices. Yenibosna district which has easy access due to its airport, congress and convention areas, rail system and metro-bus connections is marked as “First Degree Center” in Istanbul Landscape Plan. Some of the investment projects in the district which are still being sold include Güneşli Park Residence, İstwest and Corridor.


Cendere Highway at Kağıthane recently has been one of the major districts experiencing the fastest transformation. Its proximity to Central Business Area CBA (MIA in Turkish) enables the district to be featured. Despite the fact that Kağıthane is not an office district, many new office projects are developed in this region. Z Office, Nurol Tower and Papirüs Plaza are two of such projects.


Majority of private banks have their headquarters located in this district besides Istanbul Stock Exchange. This major route – described as central business area CBA (MIA) – is one of the most prestigious districts of Istanbul. This route, which has 1.1 million square meters A Class office reserve, also sees new and quality office and residential projects being developed. The major problem of the district is traffic jam. Being at the heart of business world, this district has subway lines passing through it which eases transportation at some level. Vadi İstanbul, Maslak 1453 and Qent İstinye are some of the projects in this district.


Its central location, new residential and shopping center investments, transportation connections and public transportation opportunities enable this district to stand out. This district is planned to be a CBA integration district in Istanbul Landscape Plan. It is inevitable to observe a transformation in this district in the long term which is not an office district but has low quality residential reserves. Platform Merter is one of several projects that stand out in this district.


Ataşehir is the closest district to the Financial Center to be established. Hosting Ataşehir Finance Center project, this district has quite a lot of high level service sectors located in it as well as quality residential spaces. Thanks to Kadıköy-Kartal Subway transportation, alternatives into the district have increased. Palladium Tower, Sarphan Finanspark, Metropol İstanbul, Brandium Ataşehir are some of the projects which are being built in this district.


Having gone through major transformation in the last decade, Ümraniye has headquarters of participation banks located within it. This district has 390 thousand square meters of A Class office space reserve and new residential projects. Affordable office rent, quality residential areas and shopping mall investments increase the attractiveness of the district. It is expected to ease traffic jam when Dudullu-Üsküdar subway goes through Ümraniye. Exen Istanbul is one of the leading projects in this district.


Planned to be a first degree center in Istanbul Landscape Plan, Kartal has a major transformation potential in different fields from industry to service sector and residential areas. It also has been a relief for traffic to have Kadıköy-Kartal subway operation in the district. The district will also have Europe’s largest court building opening next month as well as new residential and office projects rising in the recent years. Mai Residence, Lapis Han, Kartal Kule and Ofisim Istanbul are some of the leading projects.