72 Percent Increase in 3rd Airport Zone

It has been reported that in the last three years, there has been an increase up to 72 percent in square meter prices of properties on the route of the third airport of Istanbul, which – when completed – is expected to be the world’s highest passenger-capped airport.

According to the data of January 2017, the districts where the biggest change in the prices of the square meters in the last 3 years were seen in the properties for sale were Arnavutköy with an increase of 72.2 percent and the average square meter price was determined as 2.612 TL. The increase in rental housing was less. The price of square meters in rented properties in the district increased by 6.4 percent and reached 8 TL.

istanbul third airport

In Çatalca, there is an increase of 55.7% in the prices of square meters for sale in the last 3 years and the average square meter price was determined as 2.223 TL. In the rentals in the district, the square meter prices increased by 35.8 percent and reached an average of 8 TL.

In another district, Eyüp, where the third airport passes, the square meter prices in residential properties increased by 50.2 percent in the last 3 years and reached 5.437 TL. The increase in the price of square meters of rental housing is recorded as 11.5 percent with an average of 17 TL.

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