882 Million Euro Rental Income from Istanbul Airport

Transport and Infrastructure Minister Cahit Turhan said that African countries want to be located at Istanbul Airport and said: Airport will be the center of cargo and e-commerce

istanbul new airport

In terms of passenger capacity, Istanbul Airport, the largest in the world, is becoming the base of e-commerce. In particular, African countries lined up to establish an e-Commerce center in Istanbul.

Transport and Infrastructure Minister Cahit Turhan said that, an e-Commerce Cooperation Agreement signed between Tunisia and Turkey. “Other African countries line up for e-commerce agreement. ‘We want to market our products to the world with e-commerce’ they said. Istanbul Airport will be the epicenter of cargo and e-commerce”

Annual rental income of 882 million euros

Aviation activities have become one of the most important elements of global development. Turkey is within a 4 hour flight to the countries which is home to 1.5 billion people of the 35 billion USD GNP and 7 billion USD trade volume. Turhan, drawing attention to the economic potential of Istanbul Airport, also stated that, there will be a rental income of 882 million euros per year.

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