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A Giant Leap for Housing Projects in Anatolia, Turkey

Anatolia Housing Projects
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Turnkey housing projects are on great demand in Anatolian cities of Turkey in addition to Istanbul. While luxury and comfort are in the forefront in the branded projects which are rapidly increasing in number, the turnkey housing projects, which offer alternatives for every budget, have become the new favorites of investors, as well.

Anatolia Housing ProjectsAccording to the data obtained from sahibinden.com, one of the largest e-commerce platforms of Turkey, the turnkey housing projects are growing in cities other than Istanbul, as well. The luxurious and comfortable buildings promised by branded projects have become a new alternative for investors.

While Antalya is the city that is the closest follower of Istanbul in terms of turnkey housing projects with 165 projects, the other cities remarkable for the housing investments they provide have been İzmir, Muğla, Ankara and Bursa.

According to the 2012 data by sahibinden.com, the highest increase in turnkey house project prices has been in Ankara. While the price of a 120 sqm flat in Ankara was 96 thousand TRY in the year 2011, it rose to 109 thousand TRY in 2012 with an increase of 12%. The price increase for a 120 sqm flat in the same period in Istanbul, Antalya and Muğla has been 7%.