Home Residential Projects A higher appreciation of life at Uskudar: Sehrizar Konaklari

A higher appreciation of life at Uskudar: Sehrizar Konaklari

Sehrizar Konaklari
Nova Property

Sehrizar KonaklariIstanbul has enchanted its guests with its seven hills, natural flora and woods throughout history. Now, Gap construction has synthesized the best features of this city in a single garden. A revitalizing space in Uskudar, Sehrizar Konaklari, with its meritorious features, is to create a new frame of reference in the market price in Istanbul.

Sehrizar Konaklari are suitably ascribed the title of ‘The Garden of the Town’ due to their location in Uskudar, renowned for its historical monuments, including the 143 year old Altunizade Manor, Zuhtu Pasha Mosque built during the reign of Yavuz Sultan Selim, and Hunting Manor built for Sultan Abdulaziz. Securing the recourse to a sense of personal freedom with spacious landscaping, Sehrizar Konaklari lays the foundation of a new life embellished with the colors of nature. Sehrizar Konaklari herald the opportunity of a life in an ever more special ambiance, owing not only to the architecture founded on natural premises, but also to its distinguished location.

Indebted to the Bosphorous for its fresh air and beauty and the neighboring picturesque Camlıca Hill, Sehrizar Konaklari give easy access to the main routes between Europe and Asia with a location close to the Bosphorus Bridge and its connections.

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