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A MiniaWorld in Istanbul

MiniaWorld in Istanbul
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The mayor of Istanbul, Kadir Topbaş, who said that Istanbul had come a great distance in terms of tourism made a reminder that a convention and exhibition campus would be established in Istanbul, in order to surpass 20 million tourists called MiniaWorld.

Topbaş, who stated that this campus, which people will come to with their families, would be the first of its kind in the world, and a model for other similar campuses, and said,

We are setting up Miniaworld – which is twice the size of Miniaturk, in Yenikapı. The project plans have been completed. We will also be establishing a 9 thousand square meter modern tent, which can be divided where necessary, again in Yenikapı, in order to move the Feshane events there. This area, which will host trade fairs and exhibitions, will also be the center of the events. We are beginning the construction of the Topkapı City Museum. The restorations of the Tekfur Palace and Anemas Dungeons have been completed. We aimed to open these areas to tourism by turning them into museums. We have reached the final stage of our project planning studies to set up a Science and Technology Museum at the point where the Haliç Shipyard is situated. We are also extending the coverage of the free internet which is available to the residents of Istanbul and tourists in parks and squares. All of our buses will have free of charge internet.

MiniaTurk Istanbul
MiniaTurk Istanbul

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