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Ağaoğlu Central Park Project Released for Sale

Ağaoğlu Central Park Released for Sale
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The launch of Ağaoğlu Central Park project was held with the participation of Ali Ağaoğlu, the Chairman of the Board of Directors of Ağaoğlu Group of Companies, Executive Director Hasan Rahvalı, CEO Dr. Önder Halisdemir and Member of the Executive Committee Murad Acar. 15 percent discount will be provided specially for the launch, at the project which has been released for sale at 6 thousand 800 dollars per square meter.

ali agaoglu
Ali Ağaoğlu

The launch meeting began with the speech of Ali Ağaoğlu, the Chairman of the Board of Directors of Ağaoğlu Group of Companies, where he expressed his sadness at the terrorist attacks which were occurring in our country. Ağaoğlu said, “We will continue despite the unfortunate events being experienced by Turkey. I am condemning terror. They want people to withdraw into their shells. We will not support terrorism by doing this.”

Ali Ağaoğlu, who stated that he had built more than 35 thousand properties to-date, and that he had ensured that everyone profited from these, said,

This project really was the turning point of my life for me. We have made important sorties in misty weather. We can overcome this as long as the wheels of the economy keep turning.

Murad Acar, the Chairman of the Construction Group and a Member of the Executive Committee, who stated that the external aspect of the project had been inspired by the architecture of New York, and that the concept architect of the project was Ömer Çamoğlu, said that there were 5 apartment blocks, 3 villa blocks and 12 terraced houses in the project  which is a candidate for the Leed Gold certificate.

agaoglu central park 2

5 different types of properties and 3 types of blocks

Acar, who stated that the Central Park project, which is to be built in the hippodrome area, would be established on a 73 thousand 600 square meter area of land, said that they had only used 5 percent of the total project area for buildings.

Acar, who stated that there would be 5 different models of homes and 3 types of blocks at the Ağaoğlu Central Park project, said that the blocks at Central Park – where there is also a Villa block – were comprised of 22 floors.

Acar said that there would be 384 one beds, 500 two beds, 210 three beds and 48 four beds, and that there would be loft type duplex apartments.

All blocks have a view of the sea

Acar said, “In parallel with our lifestyle architect slogan, we are also attaching value to social areas. We have designed areas where the residents will be able to relax, do sporting activities, and swim in the pool. There is an indoor swimming pool, sauna rooms, fitness center, games room for children, art workshop, cafeteria, restaurant and a party room where celebrations can be held, in the social facilities.”

agaoglu central park 3

Acar stated that all blocks had a view of the sea and that there were also sunbathing areas and a 200 meter pond.

Dr. Önder Halisdemir, the CEO of Ağaoğlu, stated that the project was one with the right brand and the right price, at the right location, and continued as follows: “Everything has been completed for life in Bakırköy, with the Central Park project. We are extremely happy to be building this project and adding it to Turkey.”

1 billion 200 million dollars of revenue is expected

Hasan Rahvalı, the Executive director of Ağaoğlu Group of Companies, who gave the information that the price would be 6 thousand 800 dollars per square meter, said that a 15 percent discount would be provided for the duration of the launch. Rahvalı, who stated that they expected to reach 10 thousand dollars per square meter at the end of the project, emphasized that they planned to achieve a revenue of 1 billion 200 million dollars in total. Rahvalı referred to the quality of the materials used in the project, saying that the cost of construction would be close to 350 million dollars.

Three different payment alternatives

Hasan Rahvalı, who stated that there were three different payment alternatives, said, “With 10 percent advance payment and a 70 percent bank loan, the remaining 20 percent can be paid without interest in 24 months time – that is at the time of completion. This payment is valid for the duration of the campaign. I would also like to make a reminder that we have fixed the dollar exchange rate at 2.80. Our second payment alternative is 25 percent in advance and 25 percent interim payments every six months – which is something we always use. Our last alternative is 50 percent in advance with the balance in 24 monthly installments.” Hasan Rahvalı ended his speech with the statement, “Contributing to the economy makes us happier than making money.”

Ağaoğlu Central Park, which stands out with its location, is now even more valuable. Ağaoğlu Central Park is a neighbor of the city park of Istanbul, which is to be built by the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality. The park will reach a size of 1 million square meters. Ağaoğlu Central Park is also just a few minutes from Ataköy Marina, as well as the IDO terminals which offer fast transport to Bursa, Bandırma and Yalova, and within walking distance of the coastal road.

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