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Ağaoğlu Maslak 1453 Istanbul

Agaoglu Maslak 1453
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Metropolitan life is dynamic energetic, fun and it is appealing. Cultural richness, wide variety of foods and drinks, shopping choices, night life, fashion, arts are all in a quick motion.

Ağaoğlu Maslak 1453 Istanbul project view

Istanbul is one of the major metropolises in the world, that has all these features, and more… It is special, both for its residents and its visitors. It is charming. On the other hand, its large area and the resulting traffic, crowdedness and transportation problems render this charm hard to reach, or unreachable at all.

Ağaoğlu Maslak 1453 Istanbul to Satisfy Nostalgia

Many years ago, Pera used to reflect the city’s authentic quality as the “main street”, with its theaters, cinemas, culture and shopping centers, restaurants and entertainment facilities. The surrounding passages and side streets also reflected this liveliness as the food, culture and entertainment extensions.

The city center expectations changed as the population increased with immigration, and this quality life drew away from the main street. Although Baghdad Street emerged on the Anatolian side, it could not fully become an alternative due to transportation problems.

The developing shopping centers and new settlement areas closed to the surroundings divided the city’s richness.

People visiting Istanbul meet a life disconnected from the center, instead of a metropolitan life, and have to watch the motion from a distance.

Ağaoğlu Maslak 1453 Istanbul is a project that would remove this very need, and satisfy this nostalgia. It will bring into existence the city center and main street phenomena, and enliven the culture, art, dining, entertainment and night life first within the city’s own inhabitants. Apart from this motion, there is a very significant advantage of location.

It is neighboring the Fatih Ormanı (Forest) to the north, along with the rights of utilization. It is a rare structure that inhabits both metropolitan features and sustainable resources and environment-friendly green building systems in an amazing and hard-to-find manner.

Project website: www.maslak1453.com

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