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Ağaoglu Sold Foreigners 180 Residences in 1 Week with “0 Interest Rate”

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As interest rates show a fluctuation and uncertainty trend due to the latest global economic crises, Ağaoglu prepared a special customer campaign. The campaign to be valid for all current projects of Ağaoglu provides zero interest up to 5 years.

Ali Ağaoglu, Chairman of Ağaoglu Group of companies, stating that people tend to hold their money under the mattress in periods in which economic crisis is discussed, told that the real estate investment has the best performance among investment tools.

Ali AğaoğluAli Ağaoglu, emphasizing that real estate provides the most stable return in middle and long term compared to other tools such as interest, exchange, gold and stock, said that they have been the company with the most projects and residence sales for the last 10 years including the economic crisis periods. Stating that they still continue the construction of 10 thousand residences and 10 thousand residences are in planning phase today, Ağaoglu underlined that everybody who invested in the right project at the right time at the right price in real estate have earned their return on investment until today.

Ali Ağaoglu stated that they realized 180 residence sales from My World Europe to foreigners within the last week and they are pleased with the rapidly increasing investment demand. Ali Ağaoglu, reminding that foreigners used to buy real estate at other locations such as London, USA and Spain before, emphasized that Istanbul has become the new attraction point now. Ali Ağaoglu continued as:

The evaluation about Istanbul and Turkey is now changing. Real estates in Istanbul receive intensive attraction in terms of price and location. Sales to foreign customers was not easy due to reciprocity principle. Preparations are made to amend this principle. Even the announcement of such preparations caused an increase in demand. After the amendment of law, real estate sales will increase and a serious exchange inflow will be provided in Turkey. Such an improvement in such an environment will push the Turkish economy. Let alone the compensation of current deficit, it will make Turkey a richer country.

Ali Ağaoglu, claiming that it is possible to make 1 million residence sales to foreigners, evaluated the possible benefit as: If a 5 stars hotel with 500 bed capacity operating in Turkey provides service in full capacity for 200 nights, it means a total 100 thousand over nights. If 1 million sales target is realized in real estate, when foreigners come to our country in 3 person groups to spend 6 months, this makes 540 million over nights in total. This figure is more than the score of 5.400 hotels.

Moreover, as they will come for living, it will support secondary sectors for the need of furniture, carpets and curtains and a bigger financial benefit will be provided. As the number of tourism certificate facilities in Turkey is 3.600 according to official reports, we are able to earn 150% more of our total tourism income. This will be a “huge development project to save even the next generations of Turkey.

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