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Ağaoğlu to Establish Real Estate Investment Fund

Ağaoğlu to Establish Real Estate Investment Fund
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Ağaoğlu has hit the button to establish a fund under the name of the Maslak 1453 Real Estate Investment Fund.

The company is to include the rental revenues of the commercial units of the 1453 project, which it has developed in Maslak, and which has reached the stage of completion, in the fund, presenting a new instrument to investors.

Ağaoğlu will offer the revenues from the 1453 meter long ‘Cadde 1453’ to investors, as securitized revenues. This practice is also expected to provide significant opportunities to foreign investors.

Maslak 1453 will be a project where an average of 20 thousand people will reside. It is estimated that the number of daily visitors to the project will be in region of 70 thousand, while its population will be in the region of 100 thousand.

The advantages of REIFs

1 Provides the securitization of real estate.

2 Will provide stable and consistent real estate income (rental income – profit from sales) to investors in an atmosphere which is both transparent and regulated.

3 Possesses tax advantages for investors.

4 There is no tax obligation through the fund.

5 The funds do not possess legal entity status. However, their ownership of title has been regulated with special regulations.

6 REIFs are able to obtain profits from the purchase and sale of properties or rental income, and may invest in numerous different areas, such as residential properties, land, hotels, shopping centers, hospitals, tourism resorts and restaurants, for this purpose.

7 The funds are also able to invest in instruments such as rental certificates and real estate certificates.


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