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Al Duaij Planning Investments in 3 Turkish Cities

Al Duaij Planning Investments in 3 Turkish Cities
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CEO Mohammad Al Duaij, the representative of the latest generation of the Al Duaij family – the founders of the Kuwait based Alea Global, which undertakes investments on a global scale, has examined the opportunities for investment at the ‘CNR Property – Property Investment Projects and Financing Exhibition’.

Al Duaij considering investing in Bursa, Trabzon and Bodrum

Alea Group CEO Mohammad Al Duaij

Al Duaij, who has assessed the opportunities for investment, said that they planned to invest in Bursa, Trabzon and Bodrum. Al Duaij, who said that he believed in the real estate market in Turkey, stated that they had previously had agricultural investments in Turkey, but did not currently have any investments at all. Al Duaij said, “The CNR Property Exhibition has opened the doors to the investments we will undertake in Turkey in 2017, in the field of real estate,” and showed an interest in the urban transformation project being built by the Municipality of Osmangazi, in Bursa. Al Dubaij stated that they could invest in Bursa and said, “Bursa has turned into a center of attraction for Arab investors from the Gulf states. Arabs from many countries – primarily Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Kuwait and Bahrain – love the greenery, thermal springs and the Ulu Mosque of Bursa.”

Bursa Ulu Mosque

Al Duaij, who showed an interest in the projects being built in Bodrum, also met with the AKS Group, the largest construction company of Trabzon, and stated that they were considering investing in Trabzon.

Arabs settlers enjoying a typical Trabzon day

One other project which drew the attention of Mohammad Al Duaij was the Marmara Konakları project of Marmara Yapı. Mohammad Al Duaij is of the opinion that the idea of urban transformation is impressive and that participating in an urban transformation project in a region like Beyoğlu, in Turkey, will be a good investment.

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