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Almost 40 per cent of Narlife Project has been Sold

Narlife Project
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The admiral ship of Bilkent Holding, Tepe İnşaat (construction), has been producing a high standard of properties, both in terms of brand value, and in terms of construction quality, since 1969. With the important amount of knowledge it holds, Tepe İnşaat is in particular preferred in large-scale housing projects, hospitals and health complexes, airport and terminal projects and infrastructure work.

The Newest Loop: Narlife project

Narlife ProjectTepe İnşaat, which has created a living area in Istanbul Maltepe with its Narcity and Narkule projects, is continuing on this journey with its latest project, Narlife. Berna Erkartal, the Sales and Marketing Director of Tepe İnşaat, says that they have chosen this region due to the ease of transport access it offers, its clean air, and its proximity to two important universities, and state, “We believe that we have created an important brand value in Maltepe as Tepe İnşaat. Narcity and Narkule have also played an important part in this region becoming a settlement area. We started our journey in this region with the “Nar” (pomegranate) series with our Narcity project. We then strengthened the concept we had created with Narkule (tower), and now we are completing the concept with the Narlife project which possesses the same DNA. Narlife project is a neighbor to these two projects which are a reflection of our accumulation of knowledge and our culture, and we are building it on top of the value created by the first two projects in Maltepe. I can also say that we have contributed an important amount of added value to the region with our projects which are located there. As Tepe İnşaat, we are supporting the development of the Maltepe region with factors such as a primary school, community health center and green areas, and we expect the area to become a settlement area in this way.”

Narlife project at one with Nature and the Sea

With its design, colors and green areas, Narlife is a convivial project, and is being developed with an investment of 230 million TL, on a net area of 29 thousand 500 square meters. The Narlife project, which is comprised of 609 homes consists of 1, 2, 3 and 4 bedroom apartment alternatives as well as apartments with gardens and with terracing. The prices of apartments within the residential project range between 183 thousand and 895 thousand TL. Due to its close proximity to Yeditepe and Maltepe universities, there is also a studio apartment alternative at Narlife project, for the first time.

Berna Erkartal states that when compared with the Narcity and Narkule projects, they have carried the segment upwards in terms of interior design at Narlife project, and says, “As well as this, there are also more green areas at Narlife project, and 60 per cent of the apartments have a sea view. In other words, our residential project offers all of the colors sought by those who enjoy being at one with nature, those who are happy to lose themselves in the deep blue sea, and those who wish to spend their time in peace.”

Almost 40 per cent of Narlife project has been sold

Narlife project logoBerna Erkartal stated that almost 40 per cent of the apartments at Narlife project, where sales are continuing, have been sold, and that while the foundations have been laid for all of the three blocks within the property project, the basic structure of block C would be completed in June, which is earlier than planned. Erkartal said, “As with Narcity, in general, the owners of the properties are mainly doctors, and the project is mostly preferred by those who live on the Anatolian side. Our customers from Ankara are showing particular interest in the apartments with sea views, and the trust felt for Tepe İnşaat is being reflected in our sales graphics.”

There are approximately 2 thousand square meters of indoor social facilities at Narlife project, with a near to Olympic size outdoor swimming pool, sports facilities, walking tracks, fitness center, sauna, a multi-purpose hall (cinema and meetings), cafeteria and complex market.

As well as standing out with its proximity to the coastal road and the link roads, Narlife project is 4 km from the E-5, 7 km from Bağdat Caddesi (street), and 18 km from the Bosphorus Bridge. It is planned for the project to be completed on 31 March 2015.

Campaign Opportunity at Narlife project

The 3 bedroom garden duplexes and 4 bedroom apartments within the 52 apartment C block, where there are a lower number of storeys at Narlife are being offered for sale with the advantage of delivery 1 year early and no requirement to pay monthly contributions.

Narlife project price range: 655.000 – 793.000 TL

The scope of the campaign: 3 bedroom garden duplexes and 4 bedroom apartments in block C.

Early delivery date: 30 April 2014

Campaign advantages: No requirement to pay monthly contributions for 1 year.

Payment Plan:

*Minimum 5% deposit

*20% up-front payment in April 2014

*Maximum 75% bank loan

More information about Narlife project can be obtained at www.narlife.com.tr

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