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Anatolium Marmara Coming with IKEA

Anatolium Marmara Coming with IKEA
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MAYA Group, which always puts its name to innovative projects, is preparing to bring to life the Anatolium Marmara project in the Kartal region of Istanbul, in partnership with YILSAN Holding, which has made its mark on Turkish industry with its energy investments. The project has been designed as a combined living area consisting of the office, home – office and shopping center concepts. The presentation of Anatolium Marmara, which will also include the 3rd IKEA store in Istanbul, was held with the press conference organized at Swissotel the Bosphorus.

Detailed information concerning the project, where construction work began in the second half of 2015, was given at the conference attended by Nuri Özsüer, the Chairman of the Board of Directors of MAYA Holding and IKEA Turkey, Fuat Atalay, the CEO of MAYA Holding and IKEA Turkey, Talat Yıldırım, the Chairman of the Board of Directors of YILSAN Holding, Tuncay Yıldırım, the Deputy Chairman of the Board of Directors and CEO of YILSAN Holding.   

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The investment cost of Anatolium Marmara is 180 million dollars

Nuri Özsüer, the Chairman of the Board of Directors of MAYA Holding and IKEA Turkey, who made the opening speech, stated that the MAYA Group, which had been established in 1949, had undertaken more than 2,5 million m2 of residential property, business center, shopping center and touristic resort investments to-date. Özsüer mentioned that they had opened the first of the Anatolium Shopping Centers, which are among the retail park and shopping center investment and development projects of the group, in Bursa in 2010, while the second had been opened in Ankara in 2011, and said that the third Anatolium project would be a new center of attraction for the residents of Istanbul. Özsüer said, “We are developing the project in Kartal, which we see as a region which has is open to development and has a high potential, with its renewed infra and superstructure, modern property projects, and new culture of business and life. We are aiming to play host to approximately 15 million visitors a year, by offering a different and convivial experience with our project. The gross construction area of the project has been planned 250.000 m2 and its investment cost being close to 180 million American Dollars. We believe that we will bring a major innovation to Istanbul and the Kartal region with our project.”

anatolium marmara shopping mallOn the other hand, in his speech, Fuat Atalay, the CEO of MAYA Holding, stated that as the the MAYA – YILSAN Partnership, they had decided to bring into being this large scale combined project investment, which is expected to cost 180 million American Dollars, as a result of the belief and confidence held in the economy of Turkey. Atalay said, “Anatolium Marmara is positioned on the E5 highway, opposite the Kartal Courthouse, on an estate with a surface area of approximately 30.000 m2. Anatolium Marmara will meet the needs and expectations of not only the residents of Kartal, but all of the residents of the Anatolian side, with its strategically important location on the border of Maltepe / Kartal – with its easy transport access to and from every direction – and its multi-purpose structure. Our project will offer easy transport access due to its position on the E-5 highway, its Metro – Marmaray connections and its direct links to the TEM, the 3rd bridge and the coastal road.” He stated that the project, which includes the Anatolium Marmara Shopping Center, would constitute an alternative for those wanting to catch their breath from the crowds of the city, with its extensive green areas, plazas, partially outdoor concept and the dining areas which will come to the fore with their variety.”

80 percent of Anatolium Marmara has a view of the sea

anatolium marmaraThe construction of the project, which will provide employment to around 6.500 people, began in the 2nd half of 2015, with the building work of the Maya Anatolium Tower, which is to contain the Shopping Center section and IKEA, will be completed in the final quarter of 2017. Attention is being paid to the use of energy, sustainable life sources and the ecosystem within the project, with work directed at the project receiving a “Breeam Gold” green building certificate, beginning at the design stage.

The financing for the project was provided by Halkbank, while the concept of Anatolium Marmara was prepared by the American based company DDG, which is internationally renowned for its commercial buildings, has put its name to many important projects in both the world and in Istanbul and been deemed worthy of numerous design awards. The execution and development of the architectural license for the project was carried out by Viva Mimarlık, while Gökhan Avcıoğlu prepared the interior decoration, landscaping and façade lighting projects. On the other hand, the concept consultancy , leasing and management of the Anatolium Marmara Shopping Center is being undertaken by Mallexpert.


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