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Ankanatura | A Story of Natural Life in Ankara

Ankanatura project
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Ankanatura, the first multi-floor steel property project in Turkey is situated in a region of Ankara which is gaining value every day. Ankanatura, which is located in Beysukent, the most popular housing region of Ankara, is being built right next to the Hacettepe Forest, together with the principle of a sustainable environment.

Ankanatura: A Story of Natural Life

Ankanatura projectAnkanatura, which is comprised of 208 homes spread across 63 thousand square meters is continuing the sale of its garden and terraced duplexes. The residential project is situated at the center of the Çankaya – Turgut Özal Boulevard line, and offers brand new alternatives with its proximity to forests, universities, sports complexes, and shopping and entertainment centers.

The property project started off by initially researching the aspirations and expectations of the residents of Ankara, and has the aim of meeting these aspirations and expectations. It offers security within the complex, clean air, a warm living environment, nature and neighborly relationships. All types of expectations are met naturally at Ankanatura, where the dreams of the residents of Ankara are realized with its difference making design. With its structural steel system, which is at the foundation of the modern and sustainable urbanization principles of developed countries, the first multi-floor property project in Turkey is being developed under the name of Ankanatura.

Ankanatura has Smart Home Technology

Ankanatura is making life easier than ever before with its home automation systems. The climatization, lighting and security systems of the homes at Ankanatura are able to be adjusted for individual needs. As well as all of these, even the curtains of the properties can be controlled due to the additional fixtures; it will be possible to connect via the internet, or even using a suitable mobile phone to make the required intervention. Ankanatura, which possesses high level insulation fittings and technology, also allows for the permanent monitoring and management of the energy consumed in the home.

Ankanatura details adding colour to life

Ankanatura projectThe social areas at Ankanatura have also been planned by taking into account all of the details. Everything at the Ankanatura social living center, from the basketball pitch to the tennis court, guest car parks, 1000 square meter social facility, indoor swimming pool, fitness center and sauna have been designed for a privileged life.

The residential project in Ankara consists of 208 homes and completions are planned for June 2013. Ankanatura is comprised of 2 bed, 4 bed interim floor, 4 bed garden duplex and 4 bed terraced duplex homes.

It is being developed 4 kilometers from Bilkent University, 3 kilometers from Hacettepe University, and 3,5 kilometers from Park Street.

To learn more about the Ankanatura project, visit www.ankanatura.com

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