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Ankara Golf Kent Project Receives Great Interest from Istanbul Residents

Ankara Golf Kent project
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Ankara Golf Kent project, for which the construction is being undertaken by Turyap, one of the biggest property chains in Turkey, has been offered for sale with the registration of preliminary demand in the 45 cities where it has its office network, and the greatest demand has come from Istanbul.

Ankara Golf Kent project, which is being developed by Turyap on land belonging to Portaş, a subsidiary of the Ankara Metropolitan Municipality, possesses the characteristics of a giant town with lakes, streams, shopping areas, schools, and social and administrative areas next to the housing areas which are integrated with the golf concept.

Ankara is the First for Quality of Life

Ankara Golf Kent project, which is the preference of those who travel to Ankara frequently for work as well as those who live there for reasons such as education, reassignment, etc., has met with potential buyers from all over Turkey. One of the reasons for the interest in Ankara Golf Kent project is the fact that Ankara is top of the quality of life league table with 67 points out of 100.

Ankara Golf Kent projectAnkara Golf Kent project contains 100 thousand planted trees, green areas with multi-colored flowers, lakes, streams and pools, with housing areas in the middle of these, and a golf course next to it. Apart from golf, other available sporting facilities are various pistes for various different sports, basketball, volleyball and football pitches and tennis and squash courts. There is also a Turkish bath, a Finnish bath, sauna, stream room, a spa, shops, cafes, restaurants, a concert hall, amphitheater, summer and winter cinemas, accommodation facilities, health center, police station, mosque, and educational areas such as a nursery, primary school and secondary school.

Second phase of Ankara Golf Kent project offered for sale as well

70 per cent of the first phase of Ankara Golf Kent project, which is situated on the 32nd kilometer of the Ankara – Eskişehir road, has been completed, and the construction of the blocks which are to be built in phase two has also started. As well as the final remaining 20 homes from the 157 in total which was released for sale in phase one, a further 639 homes have been released for sale in phase two. The second phase is comprised of 7 blocks, 4 compact apartment buildings, 30 detached villas and 1 commercial tower. It is planned that these will be delivered at the end of 2014. It is said that the tower, which will be constructed using a different architecture in parallel with the concept is going to be the ‘Landmark’ of Ankara, and not just the project.

Ankara Golf Kent project is surrounded by Universities

Ankara Golf Kent project logoThe capital, where mostly bureaucrats and civil servants work, is known as a city with civilized human relations. The city possesses long-established educational establishments such as Ankara University, the Middle Eastern Technical University and Bilkent University. There are in fact 18 universities in the city – 12 of these are trust universities, and the other 6 state universities. Ankara Golf Kent project is surrounded by a large number of universities within a 10 kilometer ring.

Ankara Golf Kent project will be the second biggest housing project in Ankara, which is described as the ‘Heart of Turkey’ due to its proximity to the geographical centers of Turkey. When the applications from Ankara and the nearby cities were examined, it is stated that those residing in Istanbul were of a significant amount.

“Our Dialogues with Foreign Investors have Increased”

Turyap logoTuryap, which is the first property intermediary chain of Turkey has assumed leadership of the housing project. Turyap was founded in 1985, and is currently operating in the real estate sector with 391 representative offices and 1500 personnel in 43 cities.

Azmi Sarıbay, the chairman of the Board of Directors of Turyap said, “Our residential project in Ankara is comprised of housing, educational facilities, administrative and commercial buildings, religious facilities, technical and management buildings, a park, outdoor and indoor sports areas, golf courses and the required infrastructure. The plan covers an area of 1.260.000 m2, and construction has partially begun. We are aiming to establish construction and finance related and / or strategic partnerships directed towards the completion of all of the required substructure as well as approximately 700.000 m2 superstructure in the next four years. Together with  the residency permission given to foreign nationals, our dialogues with foreign investors have increased as well. We believe that local or foreign partners will create a synergy and that our project, which is the apple of the eye of the capital, will meet with its buyers within a short time. We are seeing demand especially from the foreign personnel working in the embassies in Ankara.”

Ankara Golf Kent project prices starting from 105 thousand TL

Ankara Golf Kent project, which is far away from heavy traffic and disorganized structuring -possessing planned settlements and select housing – is surrounded by various universities and shopping centers alongside projects such as TOKI Turkuaz, Yaşamkent and Konutkent.

It is stated that golfing lessons have started in the club building which has been assigned to the Ankara Golf Kent Club, and that the terraced restaurant has begun to operate.

73 square meter 1 bedroom apartments at Ankara Golf Kent project start from 105.000 TRY

1 beds (56 – 65 m2) 105.000 – 155.000 TRY

2 beds (102 – 127 m2) 257.000 – 290.000 TRY

3 beds (130 – 195 m2) 320.000 – 490.000 TRY

4 beds (204 – 234 m2) 470.000 – 570.000 TRY

More information about Ankara Golf Kent project can be obtained at www.ankaragolfkent.com

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