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Ankara Selected as Pilot Smart City

Ankara Selected as Pilot Smart City

Smart cities, which are being put forward as the best solution for the efficient use of energy and water resources and the subjects of security, transport, traffic, which have become the priority of cities, were scrutinized at the International Smart Cities Conference, organized by the Public Technology Platform.

ankara pilot smart city

In his opening speech, Erdem Akçıl, the Chairman of the Public Technology Platform, announced that they had begun the ‘Smart Cities Transformation Movement’, in Ankara, on that day. Akçıl, who stated that they were working on concrete steps in this respect, announced their projects as follows:

We are starting the Smart Cities Pilot Project together with the Ankara Metropolitan erdem akcilMunicipality. We will be bringing projects under the headings of energy, transport and security, to life, with public – NGO – private sector partnerships. We will transform Ankara into a smart city, with the assistance of IBM, Intel and Google. I believe that this project will be a role model for Turkey. We are also establishing a Smart Cities Transformation Portal. The municipalities will be able to access all types of required data related to smart cities, thanks to this portal.

Akçıl also stated that they did not just look at smart cities as technology, but that they approached it from different angles, such as the adaptation of the community, the legal framework, financing and sustainability, and mentioned that they were working on joint steps on the matter of smart cities, with the Ministry for Development and the Ministry for the Environment and Urbanization. Akçıl also emphasized that they were preparing to enter into a global cooperation with the Smart City Council, which is an important authority on this subject.

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