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Arab Group’s Investment in the Future of Turkey

Arab Group's Investment in the Future of Turkey
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The best response to the negative announcements made and the decisions to reduce credit rating of credit rating agencies, despite the prevention of the coup attempt and the reactions in the economy remaining weak, is coming from domestic and foreign investors. A foreign fund has prepared a giant, 526 million dollar fund for investment in Turkey.

Fund has surpassed 500 million dollars

With the addition of the 40 million dollars collected for a joint investment on to the special fund of the company for Turkey, the fund has surpassed its 500 million dollar target and the ‘Abraaj Turkey Fund’ has been closed. Thus, as with its previous investments in Acıbadem and Hepsiburada, the Abraaj Group will invest in Turkish companies with the 526 million dollar fund it has created.

Abraaj Turkey fund has become operational

abraaj groupThe company has named the giant fund the Abraaj Turkey Fund (ATFI). The fund aims to go into partnership with well-managed medium sized and large companies which operate in growing domestic sectors, such as consumer products and services, health services, financial services, logistics and retailing. ATFI had so far invested in Hepsiburada, a market leader in the e-commerce sector of Turkey, which has five million active customers and a range of products comprised of 1.8 million stock items as of this year and Fibabanka A.Ş., which is focused on the commercial, institutional and SME client sectors and is one of the most striking banks of Turkey due to its fast growth. With the 11 portfolio companies, in which it has invested more than 900 million dollars, Abraaj is among the leading investors in the private capital sector in Turkey.

About Abraaj Group

Abraaj Group, which is drawing attention with the investments it has made in Turkey in the last 10 years, is a company which is based in Dubai. The group has offices in the growing markets from Latin America to South East Asia. Its Istanbul office, which manages both its investments in Turkey and Central Asia, operates as one of its five main centers.

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