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Arab, Russian and Ukrainian Investors Returning to Purchase

Investors Turning to Turkey
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ProjeBeyaz Murat UzunMurat Uzun, the chairman of the board of directors of Projebeyaz, said that the purchases of properties, which had been postponed for the last 5 months, would increase dramatically together with the election results. They expected sales to reach a peak in the next 2 months as a result of the end to the atmosphere of uncertainty, the increased value of the TL and the new campaigns of the banks. Uzun stated that foreign investors were monitoring the developments very closely, and said,

In the next 6 months, investment in real estate will rise from Arab countries in particular, as well as from Russia and Ukraine.

Assessing the developments in the sector following the election, the points of view of foreign investors with respect to Turkey and the sales at CNR Property 2015, Uzun said that the implementation of social and economic reforms, the institution of an atmosphere of confidence and cooperation by all parties would strengthen the position of the Turkish construction sector in the international arena.

Turkey is an indispensable country for foreign investors

Murat Uzun stated that Turkey continued to be seen as an indispensable point among foreign investors providing the following information concerning foreign investors:

“In particular, investors from the Middle East find a cultural proximity, natural benefits and a more economic lifestyle in Turkey compared to Europe. The investors in this group are comprised of those who already spend their holidays in Turkey and want to own a property here. On the other hand, there are also those who invest taking into account rental return and the annual increase in value of the property, those who buy land and build on it, or those who establish larger real estate investment partnerships. Turkey continues to be a center of attraction for the investors in the world due to its nature. It attracts both those who do not have sufficient sunlight in the country and those who have a lack of greenery and blueness. Further, the opportunity to reach the other end of Europe and the northern borders of Russia with just a 3-4 hour flight, also makes Turkey attractive.”

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