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Arab Tourists Flooding into this Shopping Center

Varlıbaş shopping center, Trabzon
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This shopping center in Trabzon is at full capacity.

Varlıbaş shopping center, which has achieved a big increase in the number of foreign visitors in particular, has raised its targets for 2016. Varlıbaş has set its eyes on more foreign tourists in the region where Arab tourists come to in high numbers in particular. 

Varlıbaş shopping center, Trabzon
Varlıbaş shopping center, Trabzon

Things are going well in Trabzon, which stands out with its increased tourist potential in the recent years in particular. While Trabzon continues to become a city which attracts tourists throughout the whole four seasons, it is also continuing to bring significant investments with it.

Erdinç Varlıbaş, Varyap CEO
Erdinç Varlıbaş, Varyap CEO

Varlıbaş shopping center, which opened in Trabzon five years ago, has displayed the touristic development in the city. It has become the center of attraction for tourists from the Arab countries and the Gulf region in particular increasing its number of visitors by 50 percent in its fifth year. Erdinç Varlıbaş, the CEO of Varyap, who pointed out that close to 300 thousand tourists come to Trabzon a year, said,

Attracting a significant amount of tourists throughout the whole 4 seasons, Trabzon also possesses an important potential in terms of retail investments.

The target is 30 percent increase

Erdinç Varlıbaş also stated that they were continuing their activities in line with the demands of their target audience, and said, “One of the innovations we will undertake in the coming period will be to increase the number of stores directed at tourists, such as perfumeries or jewelers, in the same way as the shopping centers in Dubai or Saudi Arabia. We are aiming to increase the number of visitors coming through our doors by a further 30 percent in 2016.” Varlıbaş underlined that the shopping center had reached a commercial volume of 250 million TL per annum.

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