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Arabs Discovering Şile, Istanbul’s Back Garden

Arabs Discovering Şile, Istanbul's Back Garden
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The expansion of the boundaries of mega-city Istanbul, the intense traffic problem in the city, leads people to settle in tranquil areas. One of these is Şile, an old coastal area of Istanbul.

Şile can be reached in a 30-minute drive thanks to the new Istanbul-Şile motorway. According to the 10-year plan prepared by Şile Municipality in order to spread tourism to 12 months, it is aimed to create an additional 30-thousand-new-bed capacity. Thus, it is aimed that the Şile of Istanbul will be transformed into a tourism destination hosting small and medium sized local and foreign congresses.

Tourism, agriculture, technology

Şile, which hosts Işık University, is also on the agenda of establishing technocity and opening new universities in the coming years. For the new universities, Şile Municipality started to work on land development.

şile coast

Arabs have already discovered Şile

With the impact of the Third Bridge and the Black Sea Highway, transportation will easier in the coming period. The region is already under the focus of domestic and foreign investors. Particularly Arab investors have entered the race to take part in the region.

Experts emphasize that in the last three years, the impact of the Third Bridge has resulted in valuation rates to go up to 40 percent in the region.

Era Turkey Coordinator Mustafa Baygan said, “Şile is now a place like Sapanca where people can live in the farm atmosphere. For example a 400 sqm private villa located on a good site is rented for 4-5 thousand TL per month, which shows the point where the region has come.”

şile village istanbul

Holding Interest

Pointing out that Şile is not just an investment spot of individual investors but also  holding companies and institutions, Mustafa Baygan points out that the conglomerates such as Özyeğin and Alarko, as well as the Turkish Football Federation, are in Şile. Baygan adds that with the completion of the Third Bridge and the connection roads, the prices in the region may rise further in the coming period.

TSKB Real Estate Appraisal General Manager Makbule Yönel Maya indicates that with the Third Bridge and connection roads, Şile has begun to develop and that foreigners who see this increase the interest in the region. Maya says, “Şile is the preference for pensioners, people who do not have to go to work every day and foreigners.” Foreigners live there a few months of the year and rent their houses for the rest of the year.

Marina is coming

With the port renovation and recreation project, the marina will be the new venue for luxury yachts. It will have a capacity of 250 boats, and the port covers an area of 120 thousand square meters. 75 million investment in Şile will be completed in the second half of the year.

Şile is also the only address in Istanbul for the Earth Market

Approved for international registration, the Earth Market, where all domestic products are sold without intermediaries, is another characteristic of Şile. The market was registered in November, being the 45th in the world. On the market, products of farmers from 57 villages of Şile are sold.

şile earth market

5 plans to add value to Şile

Şile Mayor Can Tabakoğlu, who has formed a 10-year program for the development of Şile, summarizes the work to be done in five articles:

  1. In order to develop and encourage good farming practices, the Earth Market has been created for farmers. Products are audited on the field.
  2. It is planned that Şile will host national and international medium-sized congresses near Istanbul and become an active tourism destination for 12 months. For this, a new bed capacity of 30 thousand is planned from boutique hotels to five-star hotels on the Şile coast, which is 800 km long. Negotiations with the Ministry of Culture and Tourism are being conducted for the parcel-based incentive.
  3. It is planned that the houses in the Akçakese Village, which is famous for its old houses, will be restored and converted into a tourism region like Safranbolu. Negotiations are being carried out to obtain funds from the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality for the restoration of the houses and to use low-interest loans.
  4. It is aimed to establish a valley where white collar people will produce and live as in Silicon Valley. This is being negotiated with the Ministry of Industry.
  5. The assembly industry, which does not involve environmental concerns, is planned to be part of the region and the number of universities in the region will be increased.
şile akcakese village
Akçakese Village, famous for its old houses

5 outstanding features of Şile

  1. It is only 30 minutes from Istanbul
  2. The villages have historical and natural beauties
  3. Its great potential for tourism
  4. Ease of access due to highway
  5. Agricultural production power

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