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Arabs have Gone into Construction

Arabs have Gone into Construction
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While the favorite among Arab tourists is the Black Sea region, those who wish to invest get the real estate sector moving.

Arab investors have gone into construction

black sea bungalowWhile the number of Arab tourists coming to Turkey has risen from 200 thousand to 3 million in the last 10 years, the new favorite of the Arabs is the Black Sea region. The first stop of the Arabs was Istanbul, but an influx of Arabs has started in Trabzon, Rize and Ordu, in the recent years.

Ordu is now targeting 1 million tourists in 2017, and has started to build tourism facilities specifically directed at Arabs. Alongside the private wooden facilities with spacious rooms, which are being built specially for the Arabs in the city, 35 bungalows are also being planned for the Çambaşı region, where a skiing resort has been built.

On the other hand, Trabzon is visited by more than 3 million tourists a year – primarily from the Gulf states, and due to the interest being shown from the tourists from the Gulf in particular, there are plans to increase the bed capacity. 90 percent of the tourists who come to Rize are Arabs also. The Arab tourists are showing a keen interest in the plateaus and lakes of Rize.

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