Home Residential Projects Ark Vista Homes Promise a Life of Peacefulness in Kemerburgaz

Ark Vista Homes Promise a Life of Peacefulness in Kemerburgaz

Ark Vista Homes promise a life of peacefulness in Kemerburgaz
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Built by Del Gayrimenkul, Ark Vista Homes await 13 elite families to Istanbul in order to say hello to an emerald-green life.

Ark Vista Homes

The mansions positioned right next to the Belgrade forests on a land of 13.000 sq m in an atmosphere where you always hear birds singing have been designed in the configuration of 5 rooms + 2 living rooms and every mansion is 510 sq m with its own garden delineated by plants and dividers.

The housing estate is equipped with walking paths open to shared use, inclined gardens, water parapets and pool vitamin bar, which will make life more comfortable, relaxing and equally entertaining.

The space of the living room that is designed in galleries and two-floors-high connects the area between floors of the house and the garden in a functional and visually-esthetic fashion. The mezzanine gallery on the floor of bedrooms offers an alternative space for use in addition to the living room.

The parental suite on the loft and the terrace with pergola offer a distinct layer for use in this real estate project, which is provided with private security, 250 sq m open swimming pool, open parking lot, kids playground and a walking area.

For more information about Ark Vista Homes, visit http: www.arkvista.net