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Azerbaijan Real Estate Exhibition on 17-19 December

RecExpo Real Estate Exhibition
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RecExpo Real Estate ExhibitionRecExpo will be the first organization in Azerbaijan of this nature, where both domestic and international sectors will participate at the same time. There is support for the exhibition from the local administrations, while the leading companies within the sector are also showing a great interest. Advertising and PR activities related to the exhibition have begun. Investors in Azerbaijan are awaiting this exhibition, where they will be able to see numerous projects – both domestic and international – together. The investors will make comparisons between the real estate projects at the exhibition, before making their decisions.

RecExpo: The first professional real estate exhibition in Azerbaijan

RecExpo is the first professional exhibition in the sector in Azerbaijan, and this will also be the first time a real estate and investment exhibition has been held at the Baku Expo Center. Recexpo will create a large platform for the purposes of presenting the giants of the construction sector, branded real estate projects and the investments of select companies, in Azerbaijan.

With the impact of our cultural proximity with our sister country Azerbaijan, the Azerbaijanis are making their first overseas investments in Turkey. The actual results of this are that Azerbaijanis are in the top five among foreign investors who have acquired real estate in Turkey

With the impact of easily accessible visas, Azerbaijanis are choosing to spend their holidays on our southern and Aegean coasts. This enables them to see the opportunities for investment in Turkey. There is great interest, both in holiday regions and the metropolises. Many Turkish companies have begun to open representation offices in Azerbaijan, which is a clear indicator that Azerbaijanis wish to invest in Turkey. Another piece of information is that even when Azerbaijanis are researching real estate in their own country, they also ask the construction companies whether they have property projects in Turkey.


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