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Azeri Investors’ New Favorite

Azeri Investors' New Favorite
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Foreign investors are keeping a close rein on the new airport. Foreigners have been collecting 2B estates from the region in which Azeri investors are especially showing interest for the last few years. This has resulted in square meter prices increasing by 25 percent.

New Airport Project
New Airport Project

The building of the continuing airport project has increased the attention by local and foreign investors. Azeri investors lead the way among the foreigners, who are acquiring 2B estates from the region in particular. Ceylan Aksu, a consultant with Keller Williams pointed out that Azeri investors have been showing a keen interest in the region around the new airport. He also noted that the region became the apple of the eye of foreign investors when title deeds started to be issued for the 2B estates. Kemerburgaz and Göktürk are still wealthy regions in terms of land. In fact, the region extends as far as Arıcılar Bolluca. Azeri investors are continuing to buy land in this area.

Prices up by 25 percent

Keller Williams


Ceylan Aksu stated that it was planned for the metro line to be put into operation in 2017, in parallel with the completion of the new airport. She also noted that “This has laid the foundation for speeding up the pace of increase in the square meter prices in Kemerburgaz and Göktürk. Villas which were sold at around 330 to 350 thousand dollars 15-20 years ago, are today finding buyers at 4 million dollars.”

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