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Bahçetepe Istanbul | A Housing Project Where Tomatoes Are Grown

Bahçetepe Istanbul project
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Construction work at Bahçetepe Istanbul, which began last year, and is situated at one of the biggest satellite towns of Istanbul, Başakşehir, is continuing at full steam.

Bahçetepe Istanbul projectThe basic structures of six blocks have so far been completed in Bahçetepe Istanbul, a project which is being undertaken by Makro İnşaat (construction) and Akyapı in partnership with Emlak Konut GYO A.Ş.. Bahçetepe Istanbul aspires to change the face of Başakşehir, one of the largest satellite towns of Istanbul. The construction work of the project began in September 2012, and will comprise a total of 1.476 apartments in 16 blocks, starting from 158 thousand TL.

One of the most striking features of the project is that each of the apartments in the 14 block ‘Family Ties’ section will possess a hobby garden. The gardens constitute 127 decares and each apartment possesses an average of about 40 square meters. The permanent right of use for this  makes Bahçetepe Istanbul different from other projects. Those who buy apartments for investment purposes will continue to be able to use their hobby gardens even if they rent out their apartments. All hobby gardens have been designed in different colours, and all contain a small shed and soil suitable for plantation. Those who wish to do so may grow fruits and vegetables, while the other gardens will aspire to create the most ideal environment where those who wish to freely undertake their hobbies can relieve themselves of the stress of metropolitan life.

The Longing for Soil will come to an End at Bahçetepe Istanbul

Bahçetepe Istanbul Hobby GardenFamilies who purchase an apartment from Bahçetepe Istanbul will be able to determine their gardens through an activity to be held during the summer months of 2013. The Hobby Garden project is a first in the Turkish housing sector and has no precedents. It will fulfil the expectations of those who believe in the energy of working with soil and the garden, and those who wish to alleviate the stress of city living, even if only to some extent.

As well as its hobby gardens Bahçetepe Istanbul has many other advantages such as wind turbines, solar panels and rain water utilisation systems, all of which are designed to economise on energy costs. While on the one hand being profitable with its investment value, it also provides great advantages with its living areas intertwined with nature and its location right next to Europe’s largest “Healthy Living Town”. Other important features which serve to bring the project to the forefront are the shopping centre, hypermarket, and technology and construction markets which are planned as part of the project, as well as units such as the food court, dry cleaners, male and female hairdressers and car wash which are designed to meet everyday needs.

To learn more about Bahçetepe Istanbul, visit www.bahcetepeistanbul.com

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