Bio Istanbul Project to be a World Class Health Center says Bayraktar

Bio Istanbul project: The first Wellness Town of Turkey

Bio Istanbul project logoErdoğan Bayraktar, the Minister for the Environment and Urbanization, who took part in the meeting to launch Bio Istanbul project, the smartest town of the 21st Century, which is to be developed in Istanbul Başakşehir together with the planning and co-ordination of the Ministry of the Environment and Urbanization, stated that with the completion within three years of Bio Istanbul project, Turkey would become a leading country in the pharmaceutical and bio-medical research sector.

Minister Bayraktar stated that Bio Istanbul project would be a settlement area with a population of 10 thousand, and that the buildings that are to be built would comprise of a low number of floors which would be ecologically friendly and be able to meet their own energy needs themselves.

Bio Istanbul project, which is a joint venture between Emlak Pazarlama Proje Yönetimi EPP (Property Marketing and Project Management), owned by TOKI (Housing Development Administration of Turkey), and Bio Development Company, will house the most advanced children’s hospital in Turkey, the most advanced bio-medical research and development park, and work and social facilities.

Bio Istanbul project to include Istanbul Chilren’s Hospital

Bio Istanbul Children Hospital logoAt a meeting which was also attended by the Minister for Health, Mehmet Müezzinoğlu, the Minister for the Environment and Urbanization, Erdoğan Bayraktar, said, “The Bio Istanbul project is a world class project on which we have spent many years working. We started initial discussions on this health center project 4 years ago. Health and quality of life stand out as being important in the modern world. There is only one other hospital in Zurich which is able to undertake the treatment of children from the time they are in their mothers’ wombs to the time they reach the age of sixteen, and to carry out the research in this respect, to the same extent. There is no match anywhere else in the world. With Bio Istanbul project, Turkey will be the second in this respect. In fact, I can go so far as to say it will be more advanced even than the one in Zurich.”

A 1.200 bed City Hospital will also be established at Bio Istanbul

Erdoğan Bayraktar said, “There is very important work also being carried out on environmental matters here. It will also have a structure which will protect the ecological system and be energy efficient. Furthermore, we will also establish a 1.200 bed city hospital near this region.”

Minister Bayraktar emphasized that Bio Istanbul project would employ 20 thousand personnel once it becomes fully operational, and said, “We believe that many of our valuable doctors and professors who want to come back to Turkey, who are longing for their country, will come here and carry out their research at this health center in Turkey. We have received great support from our very valuable doctors who had taken part in the establishment of the center in Zurich, during the establishment of Bio Istanbul project.”

Settlement area with a population of 1o thousand people

Bio Istanbul project homesErdoğan Bayraktar, the Minister for the Environment and Urbanization, stated that there would be a settlement area with a population of 10 thousand at Bio Istanbul, and that buildings with a low number of floors, which are ecologically friendly meeting their own energy requirements themselves would be built, and said, “The pharmaceutical research center within Bio Istanbul project also holds great importance. We believe that this health center project will pave the way for the wellness sector in Turkey, and will make Turkey a world leader in the pharmaceutical and bio-medical research sector.” Bayraktar further stated that patients were coming to Turkey from Europe, Asia and Africa, and said, “As a state, we are providing treatment for these patients, but Turkey will reach an altogether different dimension with the specialists and breakthroughs achieved by the private sector.” Erdoğan Bayraktar also paid attention to the fact that Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdoğan is also supporting this project, and said, “A large number of pharmaceutical companies and research centers have already applied to acquire a place here. Bio Istanbul project will make a great contribution to the world medical community.”

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