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Bizim Evler 6 Project | A New Thrill at Ispartakule Bahçeşehir

Bizim Evler 6 project
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İhlas Yapı (construction), which has finished 13.000 residential units with early completions, is adding a new property project to its Bizim Evler housing projects brand, with the Bizim Evler 6 project at Ispartakule. A new thrill is on the way for the region.

The sixth real estate project in the Bizim Evler branded housing projects, is coming to Ispartakule, one of the regions of Istanbul where values are rising fastest.

Bizim Evler 6 projectİhlas Yapı is continuing its investments in order to meet the demand which arose on the completion of its first Bizim Evler branded housing project, in 2009. İhlas Yapı has built 3.500 homes under the Bizim Evler brand in the region, and is now developing the high standard Bizim Evler 6 housing complex in Ispartakule.

Bizim Evler 6 project neighboring Canal Istanbul

The project is being developed on the most valuable parcel of land in Ispartakule, which neighbors the probable route of Canal Istanbul, one of the biggest investments in the history of the Republic, which is deemed as the second Bosphorus of Istanbul.

Bizim Evler: One of the most popular real estate projects in Ispartakule

Bizim Evler 6 projectBizim Evler 6, which is comprised of 900 flats and 60 outlets, is one of the most extensive and highest quality projects in the region. Among the indispensables at this property project, is the priority for families concept, which is present in all of the Bizim Evler branded projects. All projects stand out due to their use of quality materials, their wide and practical apartment plans and approach which prioritizes families. The project, which achieves profits for its buyers at every stage of the purchase proves, also attracts customers with its early completions and after sales service.

Bizim Evler 6 project, which will again come to the fore with its quality, landscaping and water canals, will also be the center of much discussion due to its innovations. It will take a special place within the region with the details which integrate all of the social fixtures, quality and comfort offering a lifestyle where quality comes first.

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