Black Sea – Mediterranean Road Almost Finished

The drawings for the Black Sea – Mediterranean road were first commissioned by the Ottoman sultan Abdülhamit. Today, the 370 meter viaduct and 22 tunnels in the Ordu stage are about to be completed.

The drawings for the Black Sea – Mediterranean Road project, which has been named the century old ‘Stream Road’, were first commissioned by Sultan Abdülhamit during the Ottoman Empire period in 1880s, and drawn by French engineers. The road came back on the agenda in 2004, together with the building of the Topçam Reservoir on Melet Stream at Mesudiye Topçam and work began on the road. The approximately 600 kilometer long Black Sea – Mediterranean road will open the doors of the Black Sea to the Mediterranean via Ordu-Sivas-Kayseri-Kahramanmaraş-Adana.

black sea mediterrenean road

While 90 percent of the Black Sea – Mediterranean road has been completed, it is aimed that work on the remaining 10 percent will be completed in 2017. The first stage of the project dates back to around 1873. The road was first put on the agenda during the period of Sultan Abdülaziz and came back on the agenda through the endeavors of Halil Rıfat Pasha, who was the Governor of Sivas between the years 1882-1885 during the period of Abdülhamit the 2nd. However, it was still not able to be built. The Black Sea – Mediterranean Road Project was put back on the agenda again by the Engineer Çıngıryan Efendi between 1885-1890, Staff Captain Şevki Efendi in 1908 and lastly by being placed on the government program between 1926-1928. The first foundations for the road were laid by Ali Kemal Aksüt, the Governor of Ordu, in 1929. The most important stage of the Black Sea – Mediterranean road was completed.

Work was stopped once again, in 1933 due to disagreements on the route. While it did come back on the agenda in the 1970s, it was again stopped for the reason that in a potential Soviet invasion, it would allow tanks to reach Central Anatolia from the Black Sea with ease. It finally took its place on the agenda under the name of the Topçam Reservoir and Transportation Roads, the building of which began on Melet Stream in Topçam, in the district of Mesudiye in Ordu in 2004. The project was expanded with the building of the transportation roads to the Topçam Reservoir, known as the ‘Stream Road’, and the project was changed, with the project continuing as the Black Sea – Mediterranean Dual Carriageway project. It is planned that the dual carriageway work on the Sivas – Ordu section of the 600 kilometer Black Sea – Mediterranean Road will be completed by the end of 2017.

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