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Can Your Family Apply for Turkish Citizenship?

Apply for Turkish Citizenship

Who earns the right to citizenship with the purchase of real estate from Turkey?

Citizenship by Investment

Who can benefit of citizenship granted to foreign investors through the acquisition of real estate in Turkey except the title holders?

According to the recently published laws, foreigners who purchase at least 250 thousand dollars of property from Turkey, including offices, hotels, shops or land, can apply for Turkish citizenship. According to this last regulation, the sale of real estate (ongoing construction) with a promise of sales contract (notary approved) of at least 250 thousand dollars is sufficient for the acquisition of citizenship.

Who are granted the right to citizenship from the same family?

The person who buys at least 250 thousand dollars of real estate (if more than 1 real estate is concerned, the total amount paid here is required to complete 250 thousand dollars) is entitled to his / her own, his / her spouse and children under the age of 18 to apply for citizenship.

Real Estate for Families

What is the situation in jointly owned real estate?

For a value of 250 thousand dollars in common title deeds, the right to apply is given for each. For example, if 2 people purchased a total of 500 thousand dollars in total, they may have the right to apply for citizenship separately.

What if the project is not completed which was sold with the promise of sales contract?

Citizenship rights of the foreign investor who invests in an ongoing project with the promise of sales contract but whose project is not completed cannot be canceled. In this case, it is enough for the investor to fulfill the condition of not selling for 3 years.



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