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Canal Istanbul Project | The Details

Canal Istanbul Project
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The Location of Canal Istanbul
The Location of Canal Istanbul

Cahit Turhan, the Director General of the Highway Authority, has relayed the details of the bridge projects, which have an investment value of 5 billion TL. Turhan said that they would be building 6 separate bridges, at the same standards as those across the Bosphorus, for the Crazy project Canal Istanbul. Turhan further said, “We will also be building a separate bridge for the railway line, but this railway bridge will be adjacent to one of the 6 bridges.”

If we accept Canal Istanbul as being a new Bosphorus, all of the existing roads need to continue across the new bridges and over the canal. We will build 4 bridges as a continuation of the highways. They will be extensions of the D100, TEM, the side roads of the TEM and the D20 highways. Two bridges will be the extensions of roads belonging to the Metropolitan Municipality. We will also be undertaking the zoning routes of the Metropolitan Municipality. The bridges will be built first so as to ensure that the roads provide continued service, and the canal will be dug later. We will build the roads as if the canal is already there. The roads will continue to provide a service over the canal.

The bridges to be built on Canal Istanbul will be at international standards. The height of the bridges above the water level will be 60 meters, which conforms to international marine traffic standards. Our Bosphorus bridges are at 65 meters. The bridges will reach these heights with the support of viaducts.

The cost of these bridges will be around 5 billion TL. The whole cost will be met from the national budget. The design will be performed using the ‘inclined taut cable’ technique. They will not be suspended bridges, but bridges with inclined cables. This design is less costly. The main cable and the suspension ropes are the factors increasing the cost in suspension bridges.

The method used in the Kentucky Louisville Downtown Bridge in the USA will be used for Canal Istanbul.

Cahit Turhan, who stated that the tender for each bridge had been planned separately, said, “It is difficult for a single company to undertake such a large project. We will not be collecting toll fees from the bridges. They will be like the continuation of the existing roads. We are currently waiting for the canal to be recorded on the city plans. We have already obtained the authority to tender, but we need the plans in order to be able to hand over the locations. As soon as the plans are confirmed, we will be in a position to go to tender. The bridges need to be built as soon as possible so that the construction of the canal is not delayed.”

Canal Istanbul project will begin from Küçükçekmece Lake in the south and end in Arnavutköy in the north. The exit point of the canal in the north will be to the east of Terkos Lake. The canal will be 43 kilometers long, 400 meters wide and 25 meters deep.

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