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Canal Riva Project | A New Canal in Istanbul

Canal Riva project
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A new tourist paradise, similar to the towns with canals in Europe, will be built on the Riva stream and its surroundings, where the residents of Istanbul come together with nature and greenery. Beykoz will gain modern tourism facilities, social fixtures and sports areas with the Canal Riva project.

Canal Riva project will change the face of the district and create a new tourism area.

Canal Riva projectWith the project, the Riva stream will be regenerated in a manner conforming with nature, and claimed for touristic purposes.

The aims of the Canal Riva project, which will bring a liveliness associated with tourism to the region, are the supporting of organic agriculture, the establishment of touristic facilities consisting of sports, relaxation and walking areas around the canal, resulting in the development of the district, and the creation of an attractive and qualified tourism area for the city.

A team of 50 people, consisting of town planners, engineers, architects and tourism specialists, under the co-ordination of the Municipality of Beykoz and the Beykoz Canal Riva Tourism Development and Investors’ Association, have been working long hours for almost the last 2,5 years in order to bring the project to life, which will add value to the developing tourism vision, environment, social life and economy of the Beykoz district of Istanbul. When the project does come to life, the Riva stream, which has previously been the subject of flooding, will become known instead for its qualified tourism areas, and its excursion, relaxation and sporting areas.

There will be boat trips

Canal Riva project boatThe project will be implemented in the 15 km section after the 17 km band which is being regenerated by the General Directorate of State Hydraulic Works.

First of all the region, which has suffered from the risk of flooding for many years, will be made safer the residents of the district by regenerating the stream. With the regeneration project, there will be a 50 meter wide and 5 meter deep canal created in the Riva stream, and this canal will be opened to boat trips, like those in Europe.

It will be possible to fish in the canal, and there will be maintenance facilities for the boats.

The project, which will transform Riva into a new center of attraction for the city, will also contain boutique hotels, which are consistent with the natural fabric, around the canal. While visitors are offered quality accommodation and activity opportunities at these hotels, this will also create an employment opportunity for around 5 thousand people.

Organic agriculture activities will also be supported in the new Riva area and surrounding villages.

Canal Riva development plans being prepared

Among the aims within the framework of the preparation of the project are the resolution of zoning and cadastral problems in Riva and the nearby villages, and the completion of development plans, as well as achieving an environmentally friendly tourism investment.

The Dutch experience for the Canal

TU Delft logoCanal Riva project is being prepared by the TU Delft University of Holland, which is well-known throughout the world for its experience with canals. Prof. Dirk Sijmons and his team came to the district in May 2013, and presented the project, which is consistent with social life, to the Municipality of Beykoz.

“What is being aimed for with this project is to create an economy from the canal as well as the protection of the environment.”

Yücel Çelikbilek, the Mayor of the Municipality of Beykoz, said as follows in a statement about the project:

“We are bringing to life the Canal Riva project, a local version of the Canal Istanbul project – the vision of Istanbul, which will contribute greatly to the tourism potential, future and approach to the development of touristic facilities of Beykoz. We expect the project to offer new employment opportunities and increase the quality of the facilities in our district. The Canal Riva project, which will be brought to life with international experience and expertise, will make the region the new center of attraction in Istanbul. I wish it well.”