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Chillout Spots Close to Istanbul

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Here are the locations close to Istanbul, which you can go to, in order to distance yourself from the stress and noise of the city – even if only for 2 days.



Kıyıköy, which is situated on the Black Sea coast of Thrace, is 164 km from Istanbul. It is located on a high hill between the Pabuç and Kazan streams, and has a magnificent view. You can take the weight off your mind on the beach where it is possible to swim in the sea in the summer and the bay where fishermen live. Life at Kıyıköy dates back a very long time, and you will be able to see various historic artefacts. One of these is the Saint Nicholas Monastery.


Sapanca, which is 100 km from Istanbul, is ideal for those wishing to holiday in a natural environment where blue and green are nested within each other. It is unequalled with its clean air and views of the lake. Breakfasts by the side of the lake, bicycle tours and nature walks are at the top of the activities which should be carried out in Sapanca.


Maşukiye, Kocaeli, Turkey

Maşukiye has become very popular in recent periods, due to its close proximity to Istanbul. The interest has increased yet further with the opening of the skiing facilities, in particular. However, this is not just a place to go for skiing in the winter. You can also have a good time in the summer, within the greenery, by the side of the creek or at one of the trout restaurants. No matter which season you go to Kartepe, you must visit the skiing center on the hill. Its perfect view is worth seeing.



Kerpe, which is 150 kilometers from Istanbul, has a very beautiful view of nature. It is a tranquil place where you can be nested within both the forest and the sea… You can hire a boat and tour the surroundings of Kerpe, and discover the monumental rocks of Miço Harbor, behind Kerpe Burnu and its secret bays. The sea at Kerpe Bay is both very clean and its salinity is low. You will also have the opportunity to spend time on the walking tracks. And do not forget to bring your fishing rod when coming to Kerpe!


Karasu, which is 280 km from Istanbul, is very popular in its close surroundings due to its long and wide sandy beach. It is crowded during the weekends, in particular. Its most beautiful places which need to be seen are Maden Creek, Acarlar Lake, Küçükboğaz Lake and Poyrazlar Lake. The views of all of these lakes are extremely pleasant.


Arabs Discovering Şile, Istanbul's Back Garden

Şile, which is 79 km from Istanbul, has a 10 km long coastline. You can find many caves worth visiting in Şile. The 8 meter high Değirmençayı Waterfall, which is also worth seeing, is also here. You should also visit the Valley of Eleven Lakes, near Hacılı Village. Do not forget Kumbaba Hill, which is said to be just the place for those suffering from rheumatism. This has been used for taking sand baths since the Byzantine times.


Ağva, Istanbul, Turkey

Some of the places worth seeing in Ağva, which is 100 km from Istanbul, are Kilim Bay, Gelin Kayası (Rock) and Saklı Göl (Hidden Lake). This is a paradise with a view, where you can be nested within the forest and walk on the beach. A place which is peaceful, quiet and where you can be nested within nature.


Polonezköy, Istanbul, Turkey

Polonezköy, which is 25 kilometers from Istanbul, is nested within nature and greenery. In the mornings you can have breakfast in the forest and recline in a hammock, and you can go for a walk whenever you want and try different flavors at a restaurant whenever you want. There are plenty of alternatives in terms of hotels and guest houses in Polonezköy. Our recommendation, however, is boutique hotels.


Kefken is a fishing village 160 km from the city. It does not have a very big beach, but you can still swim in the sea. Cebeci Beach, in particular, is one of the most tranquil beaches of the region. If you wish, you can also set up tent near the beach. Sea food is available on the menu of every restaurant in Kefken.


Horse Carriages in Büyükada, Istanbul, Turkey

The moment you set foot on the island, the delicious smells of the food at the restaurants on the pier will hit your nose. The island is covered in pine trees and surrounded by the sea. You can tour around with a horse carriage, hire a bicycle or walk. And if you want to have a picnic, we recommend Dil Burnu. You can swim in the sea here as well. You can make a wish at the Church of St. George, on the peak of the island, and have a meal at the fish restaurants in the evening.

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