Constant Growth in Construction Despite Coup Attempt

It has been two years since the bloodiest coup attempt that Turkey experienced on 15 July. One of the sectors that has gone through the fastest recovery in this process is real estate. The construction sector, which employs 2 million people and feeds 250 sub-sectors, continues to develop despite all the adversities.

With the impact of such factors as new housing needs, young population and urban transformation, the sector continues to grow rapidly. Despite the coup attempt, the geopolitical effects and the global economic strains, the consumer’s appetite for buying property has not diminished since 15 July, when the Fetullahist Terrorist Organization (FETO) was wiped out on the streets.

2018 target 1.5 million

The annual sales of housing, which was 600 thousand in 2010, surpassed 1.4 million last year. This year the target is 1.5 million housing sales in the sector which is growing stubbornly in spite of all the negativities including the coup attempt.

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