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Countdown for DAP Yapı Kartal Mixed Use Project

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The mixed use project will consist of residences, offices, a hotel, a hospital and a school, as well as access by the fast train service and a helicopter landing strip. There will also be a sea taxi pier and a seaplane landing strip for those wishing for access via the sea.

Dap Yapı Kartal project
Dap Yapı Kartal project

The countdown has started for the combined project of DAP Yapı in Kartal. The project will be comprised of a hotel, offices, a shopping street, marina, fast train service, private school and hospital, as well as residences. Ziya Yılmaz, the chairman of the board of directors of Dap Yapı, stated that they have receive preliminary demand for between 70-80 units per day, and said that it would be possible to access the project from the land, sea and air. Yılmaz said that the project, which the fast train will pass through, will also have a helicopter and seaplane landing strip.

To be promoted in Dubai

Ziya Yılmaz stated that they would introduce their project in Istanbul in April, and then organize a meeting in Dubai. Yılmaz went on to state that there was as much interest in their project from the Gulf states as there was from domestic investors, and said, “40 percent of our earlier projects had been sold to previous clients. Something similar will happen here too.” The company, which has previously developed property projects with an architecture reminiscent of a twisted tower and a couple doing the tango, is also ambitious about its new project. Yılmaz stated that they would be bringing to life a project which will stand out in Kartal due to its architecture. Yılmaz said, “We have changed the standards with the projects we built in the Kağıthane, Çekmeköy and Kartal – Maltepe axes. While in general the buildings constructed are rectangular, we have used different shapes. We have used new applications on the fronts of the buildings. We will break away from the routine with our Kartal project. We will include both high-rise and low-rise buildings here.” Yılmaz stated that they would give the project a name which is evocative of both Istanbul and the sea.

1 percent VAT

Yılmaz stated that they would be building a project which will be profitable for investors, and said that the homes in Kartal would be sold with 1 percent VAT. Yılmaz also emphasized their proximity to the sea, and said, “The units in the project will have large terraces, just like in the Aegean. As well as 1 bedroom apartments with 20 square meter terraces, we will also build properties with much larger terraces. Homeowners will be able to see the sea and smell the iodine from their terraces. There will be a marina right in front of us.” Yılmaz stated that those who purchase from the project for investment purposes would be able to rent out their areas like a hotel, and earn extra income.

A population of 150 thousand will arrive

Dap Yapı Ziya Yılmaz
Dap Yapı Ziya Yılmaz

Ziya Yılmaz also assessed the development of Kartal, saying, “In terms of offices, the Kartal – Maltepe axis means exactly the same for the Anatolian side, as the Maslak – Zincirlikuyu – Levent axis does for the European side. This development can also be observed from land prices and tenders.” Yılmaz said that around 30 to 40 thousand new properties would be built in the region which has come to the fore with its marina project, urban transformation projects, the courthouse and hotels, and that a population of 150 thousand would arrive.

99.50 percent held by Dap Yapı

The DAP Yapı – Ağaoğlu partnership had won the tender for the 70 decare estate at sea level, in Kartal, which had been organized by the EMLAK REIT, with the highest bid – a revenue undertaking of 1 billion 335 million TL. However, the shares of Eltes İnşaat (construction), one of the Ağaoğlu group of companies, which had originally been 51 percent, later fell to 0.50 percent, while the share owned by Dap Yapı rose to 99.50 percent.

To learn more about DAP Yapı and its projects, visit www.dapyapi.com.tr

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